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The Not so Secular I

Twitter is an amazing place where we can have an exchange of ideas between people of various parts of India and in the world. We can see many like minded people and also people who disagree with us. I had come across many people who questioned my bio where I say I am a “proud Hindu”. They ask me why I do not write it as “Proud Indian” and also they ask me various “sensible” questions about my “secularism”. I do not shy away from their questions, nor do I abuse them , but I politely answer them “I am not so secular”.

Some of them who do not have the patience to hear me further, call me a “communalist” , “fanatic” , “hindutva bigot” and many more similar terms they have learnt more through anti hindu media than from dictionaries. I hear them silently, and allow them to get away from myself. There are some others who are bent upon bringing me to secularism, but they meet with failure. Some does do good debates and agree with many things I say, but escape as they can not face the truth. For all of them I am writing this, to make them understand “the not so secular me”.

Secularism is a word which nowadays is more often in news. In a way it will be right to say we are obsessed with that very word. Some political parties 24 times a day call themselves secular. Some politicos hold separate “secular” protests against corruption. Secularism is seen like a fundamental duty of a citizen. The nation  called india has now an official religion called “secularism”, which is more dangerous than “islamism” of pakistan and arabia, and “evangelism” of america and europe.

What does secularism actually mean? Secularism is a policy adopted by the state (country) wherein government can not interfere in religious matter and neither can religion in governance. It does not have any relationship with belief of individuals. We as citizens of a secular state have the right to chose what and who to worship and what to reject. It is highly political agenda which is trying to confuse the term secularism relating it to individuals.

I remember a speech by Lal Krishna Advani, which he gave in Lok Sabha where he said “ Bharat was divided into India and Pakistan on the basis of religion, pakistan chose to be a islamic state, while we chose to be a secular state. This is because our inherent nature is secularism.” I agree with most of what he said, but because I am not a polititian, and also because I am not so secular, and if I were to make a speech on similar issue, I will say “ many of the countries like pakistan, bangladesh, bhutan,srilanka,nepal,etc were once part of a greater Bharath. We all got independence in this century itself and is important to note the pakistan and bangladesh had a fall  to islamism, lanka and burma turned budhist, the indians had a fall from Hinduism to secularism”.

To expand is life,to contract is death. The pakistan and bangladesh were originally inhabitted by hindus like us, but when they fall to islamism, you can see their state of affairs today. Similarly india , fortunately, hindus are still left in India, has adopted a lower concept called “secularism”, which is only an offshoot  of what is called sanathana Dharma. Secularism teaches us “tolerance”, but hindutva teaches us “acceptance”. We have wholeheartedly accepted the ideologies from various parts of world with open hands like noone else. And here lies a big trap, the “over acceptance and self rejection” contributed to our contraction which may result in our death.

The Pakistan was hindu, so was afghanistan, iran, indonesia and many more. The hindu do not exist in these countries today. Once a hindu was converted to semitic religion, he advocated for a separate nation with separate culture. Swamy vivekananda rightly said,when a hindu gets converted, the worrying fact is not that a hindu numbers have decreased, but because anti national population have increased. Many will cry here when they read this , I know but these are facts. Forget about the lost parts of land which was ours, just have a look at azadi struggle of kashmir and north east. The “great secular hindu” is the traiter of his own motherland. We can still see such racist hindus , those advocate  “secularism” by claiming they are great/superior to other religions. About them, my comment is “either they are racists, or they are  “great secular hindus”.

So “ the not so secular I” am a Proud Hindu. That does not make me less proud about india.As the word “ind” lies central to the word H’ind’U, the india/Bharat is the heart of every Hindus. Hinduism is not a religion for me, I am not a hindu because I worship hindu deities, nor because I visit temples, But only because I am a citizen of HINDUSTHAN. The islam and christianity of India is only an offshoot of hindu beliefs, which got mixed with foreign political islam and christianity. The heart of every Indian is Hindu.Let our heart never fail………….!!

VandeMataram !

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9 Comments on “The Not so Secular I”

  1. shweta says:

    The article says all .. Well explained..Great discover

  2. Binoy Ashokan says:

    Great read indeed!
    You are right, only a Hindu can be secular, Secularism is the generosity of the majority of india – read Hindu.
    The word has lost its meaning in India, as it is used to only tame the Hindus.
    And regarding the partition on religious line, it was one of the biggest blunders by Nehru n co. when it was obvious that if one goes to one sect the remaining should go to the other sect.
    Gud job n expect more.
    Jai Hind

  3. Hinduidf says:

    I agree with you..

  4. sanjay says:

    Very well said & provided the insight ,will really help when such questions/concerns brought forward in our social gatherings.

  5. Gauttam says:

    Proud Indian and a Proud Hindu… very good article…
    Vande Mataram!!

  6. piyush bakshi says:

    u have put forth ur points very lucidly; more people need to read and think on this. I agree with your thinking; keep up with the effort.

    Jai Hind

  7. Satya says:

    VandeMataram !

  8. Dr B l kumhar says:

    I always like a secular person &her thought . I am a secular person and want to make all hindu secular .So that they will all stand up for d help of a hindu on a single call no matter either he belong to rajasthan or karela jai hindu rastra jai hindusthan jai BHARAT

  9. Vishnu M says:

    Proud Hindu……………
    Vande Mataram………….

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