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A twitter Encounter with Omar Abdullah

My conversation with Mr omar abdullah, started with this tweet of mine quoting omar,nidhi razdan(ndtv) , hinnac (dont know who ? ) conversation.. i just did it without expecting any reply from anyone,But….

Since my tweet contained omar abdullah’s handle in it, he saw this and asked me, “what is your point ?”

Quite exited about the fact that a chief minister of a state has replied me, i said rather jokingly…

Also as a reply to nidhi’s tweet i said “u need to change your ways”….

Omar again replies me….

My reply, i said J&K is not his family property..

He again replies with his CONTROVERSIAL TWEET…

some other tweeps join in…

As a responsible Indian , i corrects him and demand a “clarification” for the word “only”  used in his comment…. some other tweeps support my “demand”…

HE said something in Kashmiri , but it did not clarify the comment…

He just gets trapped again, he uses “marathi manoos” to justify his tweet..

SO he is just another “raj thakarey” , i ask him again for clarification…

He says he is exhausted talking with “nuts” and “idiots”…. and nidhi suppliments his comment that twitter is full of “nuts” with themselves as an exception…

He runs away without clarification, also he gives me the right to interpret his tweet according to my own wish…

PS: at the end of the day i am happy about two reasons….

  • i as a Common Man(CM) could chat with a Chief Minister(CM) of an Indian state, thanks to twitter..
  • I could expose the seditious mindset of Omar abdullah and also how his attitude to common man..

4 Comments on “A twitter Encounter with Omar Abdullah”

  1. shut up…olrite..ur jus an attention seeker..

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  3. Anonymous says:

    oh my god this was a brilliant conversation you had nationalizer, very hilarious but at the same time it showed the mindest of the high and mighty. its a pity that party-going, irresponsible people like omar abdullah have been given the pinnacle of power in a sensitive state such as jammu and kashmir !!! and wow the man, his sister hinna and that journalist nidhi were pretty mean to u. do they seriously mean to say that every person on twitter who asks questions boldly is a nut? have they ever heard of “freedom of speech and expression”?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hinnac is his sister.

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