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A plea to motherland

The sons of thee are here,
See us all, we are back
To get some strength ,we need
From you, only you can give

We have worries, we have dreams,
Worries , not about us, but u,
Its about u, our soul and heart
The dreams we have, u know
To make u happy and strong
Not just happy, the happiest
Not just strong, the strongest

When your foes hurt u,
With their swords and words,
We are not quiet, but yes
You taught us, not be like them
We don’t like them, we hate
Who hurt you and us always.

Forgive me,mother pls do
For we being helpless
But do tell me my mother
What we should do for u ?
This blood in us is yours,
The air we breath is you,
The god we pray is you,
For you, if not us, then who?

Some say we are extremists
Yes I said with pride,
If extreme love for you is a sin
I am happy as a sinner
We know you, dear mother
You know us than all
You will bless us all
With the powers u possess

the traitors are there,we all know
fool ur kids with mask they wear
give us such strength, my mother,
that we cud show their ugly face

many of ur sons have not come,
many are busy, many does sleep
we need them too, with us to work
but how and when u should tell

the canal has become dirty wit people
who see nothing else, but money
for the money they kill,they cheat
the kids, who seek help from them
we need to clean it up, but how ?
we can not clean it from outside
but we get dirty when v get inside
tell us how, we can clean it,lets hope.

We need answers, we need help
We will do, obey your command
We will wait, for u to lead us all
But do speak, my dear mother

Our dreams may take time,
though we don’t like to wait;
but we will do our part, we should
for the inevitable triumph of thee

hear the slogans, am not alone
all of us are waiting,for u to speak
bharat mata ki jai, we shout
vande mataram, we pray to you


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