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Honourable man….!!!

It has become very important for me to have a research on the word “honest” after I heard Man Mohan Singh being attributed with that title inspite of the scams and controversies happening under his nose. I decided to start with wikipedia and it  explains me that  ”Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and denotes positive, virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying, cheating, or theft.”.  This wikepedia further confuses people so I swtich to another wiki.. this time it is wikileaks and I found there.. it says there was a “BRIBERY INVOLVED TO SAVE MANMOHANSINGH GOVERNMENT DURING TRUST VOTE”..! why should someone save a HONEST man with bribery ? Why should a honest man continue in the chair which is ensured using money power ?

A Lot of people have different views about manmohansingh, some call him a good economist, some say he is apolitical, leftists call him america agent, america calls him a puppet, we call him a sonia gandhi pupppet, what not ,inspite of all these names, he is also called a HONEST man surrounded and controlled by bad spirits.  After all he is our prime minister and let me be intelligent to be safe in criticising him,, I would like to nail him with his own words…

Quote 1: people of India DEEPLY love you, mr Bush..

Quote 2 :  ‘Muslims must have first claim on resources’

QUOTE 3  : “In a coalition government, there is a coalition dharma,”: I wish to assure the country as a whole that our government is dead serious about bringing to book all wrongdoers regardless of the position they occupy.Not a lame duck Prime Minister, won’t quit half way.

OK..these statements made by the primeminister talk a lot about him..


Qoute 1 exposes his inherent tendency to please America of any cost. He say people of India DEEPLY love you, what does he mean by that, forget abiut what he will achieve by that ?  Who are these people in India who are deeply in love with Mr Bush ?  What kind of love have indians shown to Bush?  the best statement would have been “I LOVE YOU BUSH”. Most of the poor people in India even do not know who the BUSH is? Those few who know him do not love him. I am confused why should someone love a foreign head of the country?  This single statement expose how he has insulted the whole country which he represent by misquoting them.. !

Quote 2 speaks a lot about his communal thinking. India is a secular country, and the resources belong not to hindus, not to muslims , but to indians. Countries resources do not have any relation with the Religion. Now a head of the country, says it belongs to the MUSLIMS of the country, hence insult the majority community as second grade citizens. The poverty in india doesnot have any relation with the religion they belong to. The indian minority do not suffer like the minority hindus in muslim majority countries. Why did the prime minister , that too a honest one, bring religion in every issues ? is that how he ensures his party stay in power always ?

A Raja, the 1.76 lak thief, was a minister in UPA cabinet who belong to DMK. The prime minister in that context says “In a coalition government, there is a coalition dharma,” means what ? does it mean we can expect future rajas and ranis who do adharma banking on  your “coalition dharma” ? “I wish to assure the country as a whole that our government is dead serious about bringing to book all wrongdoers regardless of the position they occupy. Those who follow the daily news (not msm) know they are not dead serious , but they are acting like a dead man…! Thanks to lame duck comment, now the prime minister is known by that name..!


The honesty is best defined not by wikipedia, but by the recent wikileaks,.no honest man will make such comments like pur PM does, nor he will be a party to dishonesty. So please stop calling our primeminister HONEST anymore, he is not…!!


To end with , I conclude with modified  antony’s speech  : For MMS is an honourable man;
So are they all; all honourable men…………



One Comment on “Honourable man….!!!”

  1. SG says:

    The irritating thing with him is, he always keeps saying “I am not aware of it” for all the controversial issues. Makes the whole country look dumb! As a PM, you have the country’s intelligence team at your service. To say you are not aware of the issues is being completely dishonest!

    How about saying “No. These did not happen. I have evidence admissible in the courts to prove” or “Yes, I have failed to do my duty and I am quiting!”. Only those will show his honesty!

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