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RahulG Wikileaked again

Once again wikileaks exposed “SHRI” RAHUL GANDHI and calls him a”lucklustre” leader in Indian politics. Most of the indian people knew the facts even before the US sent this “secret” cable. Now the fact is that the secrets which we the people of India and US govt only knew  is made public to entire world, thanks to wikileaks….

read full cables here(click on pic) some of the important points in the cable are on Red, and following  the points are some annexures.. 1.Rahul suffers from “”personality problems”” of an emotional or psychological nature that are severe enough to prevent him from functioning as PM a few Proofs

2.RahulG “”is causing more harm than good”” and has made ” has “”made no impression on the people of the state.”””

  • image (cause)
  • image (result)

3. Rahul is far below even his father in political ability (like father , like son, or even worse?) 4. RahulG has kept a very low profile and kept mostly to himself or close friends.

  • image

4.Given this publicity machine that Rahul enjoys, we, unlike Naqvi, are not yet prepared to write him off just yet. publicity machine : ndtv , proof is image now the Question is



8 Comments on “RahulG Wikileaked again”

  1. kapil goyal says:

    this post is funny..i mean i hate rahul gandhi nd wud never like 2 see him as PM but the causes given here are lame…Having geography knowledge is not a prerequisit for being PM especially in a country like india where we have loads of illiterate nd dumb politicians…

    • Chanaky Pandit says:

      @kapil goyal as you say knowledge of geography is not required to become PM. Very funny, tomorrow in worst case if rahulG become the PM he may be supprised to know that if Gujrat is the part of India?

      • kapil goyal says:

        there is difference in two instances…evn illiterate ppl in india know that gujraat is part of india but ny1 may get confused abt area and population comparison of Gujraat & UK..

    • Hindu Kush says:

      Abe O! Kapil ki aulad RahulG tera bhai hai jo tu uski chamcha giri kar raha hai? Jis Lode ko itna nahi pata ki Gujrat area mein UK se chota hai, vo Prime Minister banega? Tera Chutiya Rahul Gandi Desh Chalayega? Abe Kapil ki aulaad Rahul Gandi ki Lodi Maa, Sonia Gandi ne use itna nahin padaya?

      • kapil goyal says:

        you are too cheap for me to reply anything to you here…u still want an answer, give me ur email id, i’ll clear all the bullshit stored in ur head..lets not spoil the post of such a nice person ashok..

  2. nationalizer says:


    dear hindu kush, kapil has already said he hate RG, but i think he is out of context here, i mean i included the GEOGRAPHY link to just to show that RG has personality problems, not to prove that he cant becime pm, which is another debate ? do not abuse hear please…!! thanks !!

    • kapil goyal says:

      for the out of context part, i would like to point out somethings here:
      1. these cables show the saying of Naqvi only which doesnt make it a fact..its his personal opinion.
      2.personality disorders are nt dat big thing..many of us, if not all have one or other kind of personality disorder..for ex- dis mr. hindu kush if subjected to proper neuropsychiatric evaluation wud definitely have either paranoid or histrionic personality disorder..

  3. Gitesh says:

    Nice colorful language here,
    But everyone agrees that rahul is dumbo.

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