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BJP,time to interospect

Again as the wikileaks hits the BJP, although it would not have hit if “The Hindu” ha not twisted it(check previous post). But thanks to wikileaks and “The Hindu” , fortunately for the apolitical Hindu nationalists and unfortunately to some sickular(pseudo secular) media and congress, the new revelations have hit the G-spot of Bjp, viz Hindutva . In a sense media has been successful to get the image of BJP damaged, but it will help the BJP to get corrected sooner now.
The BJP, “wrongly” called as a political wing of RSS(click2clarify), ,was formed in 1977, although the jana sangh and janatha party was formed earlier.. ..

Now , the graph shows the number of seats won by bjp and congress from 1980-2009 genral elections. The facts say that BJP increased its number of seats since 1980 to 1999 general elections. What were the reasons for its growth ? it is undeniable that it was their Hindu Nationalism. The Rath yathra of LKA helped it to rise from the single digit to a three digit number. But when it reached a cresendo 182, bjp came into a position of forming Government. The Govt which stood strong for 6 continuous years did not justified its ideology. Many factors led to its fall in 2004, some of the reasons which I think bjp lost elections dare

  • Failed to Built a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

  • Godhra issue double standards (ABV and MODI)

  • Shining india blunder campaign

  • Failed to enact UCO(uniform civil code)

  • Did not bring justice to Kashmiri Hindus.

  • Increase in Haj subsidy

  • Other issues of corruption.

  • Lost love hurts, Hindus lost the faith in parties which backfired.

The point to be noted here is the Growth of BJP was fuelled by its association with Hindutva ideology, and the fall of BJP was due to its cold war with the same. But BJP never learnt this in 2004 failure, but continue to be a soft party, which resulted in its further collapse. Even if it’s a fact that the Hindutva ideology will not help it to form a Government of its own , it is also a fact that running away from it will not even make them a largest opposition as well in the future…

So now it is time to start it all over again, the BJP started mission “Hindutva” from a figure of 2 and reached upto 180, now it is ripe time to start from figure of 116 and let us see where it will reach. Arun Jaitely and Sushma Swaraj are the present leaders of opposition, they may need to understand the facts and play wise politics. The Hindutva that BJP should project must be positive, and innovative. The development aka the welfare of the people is a part of Hindu Rashtra tanthra. It is a part of Hindutva. But the infrastructure without a proper mental structure will not lead Bharat to the pinnacle of glory.

Taking this allegation against the party as an opportunity, the BJP should formulate their plans on the basis of Hindutva, if they do not I am sad to say both BJP and We the People will suffer in the HANDS of congress.

So Jai Ho..


3 Comments on “BJP,time to interospect”

  1. Lalit Bhatia says:

    I am sorry i can’t understand this following statement: “BJP, “wrongly” called as a political wing of RSS.”
    Please explain.
    Another point: Hindutva ideology could have helped to form a Government of its own ,but then first BJP should take one stand. Hindu voters are confused. I have being writting since Atalji time not to stand on two boats.

  2. Pankaj Jangid says:

    BJP should learn from Modi. BJP should not confuse the 80% hindu population.

  3. sanjeevirao says:

    Wikileaks has become a blessing in disguise for BJP. It can’t afford to travel in two boats simultaneously. It should assert its commitment to Hindutva and fight elections on this plank.

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