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Who thinks what about RahulGandhi ?


Full cables can be read here..

Some examples of Rahul Gaffes

Some examples of RahulGandhi Gaffes which were “greeted with bewilderment and, in some cases, disdain. ” by the political class and even the congress members..

“I belong to the family which has never moved backwards, which has never gone back on its words. You know that when any member of my family had decided to do anything, he does it. Be it the freedom struggle, the division of Pakistan or taking India into the 21st Century.””

“”Babri Mosque would have been protected had a member of the Gandhi family been in power.””

Why RahulGandhi said “DIVISION of PAKISTAN” ?

Soft Hindutva, observes a congress worker. He said “a claim that Congress had actively worked for the division of Pakistan would certainly appeal more to a section of sectarian Hindus.””

Why he said so About Babri ?

Another congress worker opined that while Rahul’s statements regarding the Babri Mosque were meant to “”win over a section of Muslims to the party, all that it evoked was ridicule in the minority community.

The Prime Minister endorsing our clown prince.

“”your future is in your midst. Yes, I am talking of Rahul Gandhi. He is braving it out for you. He is with you. He is your future. Just one chance is required for him and the Congress Party to build a new Uttar Pradesh for you and your children.””

Journalists confused about RahulGandhi

Hindustan Times Political Editor Pankaj
Vohra pointed out that the political watchers could not make sense of Rahul, stating that he seemed to be “”talking out of his head.”” Vohra could not believe that Congress would allow Rahul to speak without preparation, exclaiming that “”there must be some design,”” but he could see no clear object in the remarks.

Vohra dismissed speculation regarding an early move by Rahul into the Prime Minister slot saying that he is “”not acceptable”” as a PM candidate, is “”juvenile”” and surrounded by deluded sycophants.


Congress leader and Gandhi family insider Nachileta Kapoodismissed Rahul as ineffective and irrelevant, claiming that his road show consisted of a series of poorly attended events in rural areas, where he made almost no impression on the voters.

Kapoor exclaimed that Rahul “”has no future, no talent for politics and will never be PM, as he has done nothing for the past three years.””

HE ADDED Congress insiders are predictably pinning their hopes on yet another of Nehru Dynasty member, Rahul’s sister Priyanka, and are waiting for the day when she will enter politics.

The US embassy observation

Rahul’s dismal performance on the campaign trail has narrowed the party’s already limited options in UP.

While crowds at his “”road show”” events are often large, Rahul has not yet demonstrated that he has the charisma required to make it in Indian politics.


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