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“Reserved” Minority Constituencies of Kerala



You might have heard some communal polititians demanding special reservation for minorities in Legislative assemblies and lokSabha, I had just gone through the candidates of kerala, and I found kerala is first to implement it, although unofficially…

Here are some constituencies reserved for minorities (muslim+christians)…


Just note this while interpreting the Statistics

  • 46 seats will anyway go to MINORITY community ,be it left or right(udf) (32% “RESERVATION” )
  • The “Hindu Only” high number is actually a “EYEWASH“, the Hindu membrs belonging to left most of them do not believe in Hindu Culture and ethos, while many of their minority members believe in their religion.
  • In that case there is not a single SEAT which will serve interest of Hindus, unless BJP opens an acount.
  • People with Hindu name, Christian faith are not counted, but they are less in kerala.
  • Presently there are more than 60 minority members in 140 member House, but this time the number will shoot up if UDF comes to power.
  • Whatever be the numbers, the fact is Hindus dos not matter at all, no one will take initiative for a hindu religious matter.
  • I do not claim this statistics is perfect, may have minor errors, but even while taking those errors into account, the picture remains the same.

2 Comments on ““Reserved” Minority Constituencies of Kerala”

  1. Binoy Ashokan says:

    Wht else one can expect from a UDF whose front runners are 2 xtians: UmmenChandy(Cong),KM Mani(Kerala congress, an xtian-only ‘secular’ party) + 1 Muslim: PK Kunjalikuty(an only muslim-only ‘secular’ party). Yes ofcourse there is one Hindu Ramesh chennithala with sandal paste on forehead who is no more than a ‘sikandi’ for UDF.

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