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NDTV’s sycophancy at its best


Not so many days before The Hindu through the wikileaks exposed something about Rahul Gandhi.. Those cables Quote vohra, a journalist saying these words about RahulG “Vohra dismissed speculation regarding an early move by Rahul into the Prime Minister slot saying that he is “”not acceptable”” as a PM candidate, is “”juvenile”” and surrounded by deluded sycophants.

Ever Since i saw these cables i was looking for some examples of this deluded sycophants of Mr Raul Vinci and here is the best one i can give and it is none other than NDTV....



  • Date : March 30th 2011
  • Place : NDTV website
  • Situation : India Pakistan match(WC s/F) ..



The NDTV focus its camera’s on RAHULG and here it is uploaded in their website, they did not get any other faces around, there were AmirKhan, MMS, Sardari and many other diplomats and celebrities, but they proved it once again… they love the “luckluster”



INDIA WON THE EXCITING MATCH AGAINST PAKISTAN.. now what picture do you expect in a news channel Home Page ? Dhoni ? Sachin ? Yuvraj ?.. oh…oh.. no dear friends, this is NDTV !!! have a look….

But so many tweeple criticised this including a prominent journolist, they later sarificed their sycophancy, due public criticism., they changed it to..

Did the sycophancy end…. ? it ended to begin it all over again.. !!


  • Date :April 2nd,2011
  • Place: same, ndtv website, sports
  • Situation : India the world champions ?



The captions on the photos are yet again hillarious… (here are a few,click on the pic above to viw them in their website)

  • A serious-looking Rahul at the beginning of the Indian innings.
  • Rahul is all smiles. Well, India’s most eligible bachelor
    seems to be enjoying his company there.
  • So what are the India batsmen going to do next? Rahul wonders, his eyes fixed on the ground
  • Rahul Gandhi opts for a blue t-shirt as against his trademark white kurta, showing his support for the Men in Blue.
  • As emotions ran high in the much-hyped final encounter, the young Gandhi
    managed to hide it behind his shades here
  • The young Gandhi interacting with the people in the regular stand.



    In short, ndtv tries to prove….

    • Raul is serious
    • He is the most eligible bachelor
    • 40- year old Raul is a Youth
    • He loves India
    • He speaks to common people.
    • He loves India.



NDTV has the right to worship RAHULG, but do not insult the Indian Youth by calling RahulG the model for Indian YOUTH. He is not , for many outside the NDTV studio premises…!!!/rahulgandhi-gaffe-confused-the-congress-worke


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