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NDTV and Aman Ki Tamasha

Afridi says Indians do not have large Heart like muslims and Pakistanis“. Please note that he was not Quoted but he was heard speaking this at a talk show in Pakistan media. The audience there clapped hands when he said so…


Hearing afridi, about whom The entire ” secular ” team of NDTV headed by Barkha Dutt were talking about , finally saw the eggs on their face. But to the maintain “aman ki asha” an “asha”, they interviewed Afridi and created an impression that he was misquoted by Pakistani Media.

Yeah they have an article too..

Reading the article Afridi nowhere says he was misquoted, He does not deny that he said the controversial statement, but at the end of the day NDTV thinks they have SUCCEDED to wash away the sins on behalf of AFRIDI !

Not to compare Afridi and VarunGandhi, remember they did not even listen to him denying that the video was doctored, but for afridi, even if he did not deny what he said, ndtv says he has been misquoted.What is even worse, ndtv drags Gambhir into the controversy…

So ultimately NDTV proves again where they stand…..!!!!!


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