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The “failed“ Hindu Defense

The Hindus/Indians were always on the defensive since the advent of Christianity and Islam to India. If we were not so open minded and “secular” we would not have allowed these ideologies to pollute the hearts of our people. Yeah I mean it, when I say Islam and Christianity POLLUTES the very heart of common people. As Swami Vivekananda said” every man getting out of the Hindu pale is not
only a man less, but an enemy the more.”
So many national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Ambedkar and great poets like Bharatiar and Chattambi Swamikal have raised their voice against conversion. The way Gandhiji had dared to criticise Christianity, even the most extremist of Hindus will not dare to follow it today.

The point today is that Hindus were always on the defensive, it was like sea coming to rivers to carry water from them. The historical blunders we have commited in accepting the foolish logic of these religions. We failed on many fronts , philosophically, culturally, politically, because we were on the defensive, and they never ceased to be offensive on us.

Our Philosophical defense

The islam and christianity are the religions who belive in One God, One Book . For islam it is Koran, and for christianity it is Bible. The Hindus have many Gods, Vishnu,Shiva, SriKrishna, Sri Rama, and countless. When the islam and christianity said it is foolish to believe in “many Gods” , we commited a huge blunder by subscribing to their version of Only GoD. “Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti” of the hindu upanishads and the “only God” concept of semitic religions is not even comparable. The upanishads talks about “truth”, and says there are many ways to reach it, and the semitic religions talk about a God, his commands,his dictatorship.

The Hindu version of “truth” is moksha, the kshaya of moha, The independence from “life-death” cycle. And many ways talked about are saguna aradhana, nirguna aradhana, Nama sankeertana, yoga, Tapah, and even nastika vada. The philosophy for hindus does not depend on numbers,say, “ishavasyam idam sarvam” , everything, animate and inanimate here is ishwara, he is infinite to the human senses, he is formless at the same time he appears in different forms. So the digit ONE should not and can not represent the GoD,ishwara. Let us from now onwards do not fall to the evangelists and islamists trap of ONEness, they are talking about a closed minded philosophy, or even worse it is a political agenda.

How to deal with Evangelists ?

If ever you smell a trap , try these and this might help. The conversionalists always start with these questions, ” How Many gods Do you have ?”, for gods sake do not give philosophical answer to foolish questions, tell him ” I am a Hindu, and I worship God in many forms”. The next question will be that of “idol worship” an he will ask “why indians are so blind that they worship idols, stones”. , admit that you go to “temples” and ask whether “do you mind us going to temples”. Now he will say “sooner or later we will realise the “truth””. Now the ball is in your court , fire him with these questions, ” is it logical to believe the “truth” which says Jesus was born to a virgin and she remained virgin for her life time”, ” is it true that the jesus who died on the cross, and the same cross you worship as sacred ?”, now he will be on the defensive, he will start explaining and quoting biblical answers. Now switch to ten commandments, it says “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me” , ask him is your God “jealous” , that if you fail to please him he will punish you ? .”You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything ” . so what about cross,jesus statues, churches and all ? “ For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but rested the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and consecrated it.” IS it true that at the first place that god neded rest, and he took six days to create the universe? By now either he will run away, or abuse the hindu faiths. Tell him hindus consider nothing as absolute like their religion, also every text is free to be interpretted in anyway we want. We do not propogate “false” things as “truth”.

Our cultural defence

Thanks to the semitic interference, we have given up so many customs and traditions which is now proved by the modern science, as the scientific way of living a healthy and happy life. Many westerners are looking forward to learn these things from us. Be it Samskrit, be it about lighting lamps, and writing Kolams, and our festive spirit, there was a lot of science that our ancestors practiced without preaching. The beauty of science lies not in talking about, but following it in our life. When galileo was insulted by the catholic church for exposing one “truth” about bible, here even the athiests were given the status of sage. Many of our puranas talk about astronomy, much more beautiful than the modern science. So the influence of christianity on the defensive “us” , eventually led us to be as “unscientific” as they were and are.

Our Political defence

When it comes to politics, we are getting more and more defensive day by day. Talking about my constituency, it is getting more and more “minority” in terms of the candidates. Except the BJP, none of the candidates who I have seen in the wall posts, carry a Hindu name. I have seen through atleast 3 elections, but the number of candidates who bears a hindu name is decreasing gradually, not only in my constituency but in every constituencies. The church announces their support and they win, in muslim dominated areas the mullahs announce support and their candidates win. We still talk about failed secularism and remain neutral.

So our history and the present says we are “defensive” creatures, but the next generation should study a different History, I wish they may. This age belongs to Bharath and if sanathana dharma do not come back to its full glory, the dream of our ancestors will remain a dream..Arise awake and stop not until the goal is reached.


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2 Comments on “The “failed“ Hindu Defense”

  1. Pankaj Jangid says:

    Conversion happen because our own religion (Hinduism) is now cluttered by various prathas, castes etc. Cleaning up of various traditions is required. Everything should be according to Vedas. Vedas are sarvbhoumik, sarvkaalik. Vedic education system (gurukul) needs to be restored/promoted. Only then we can create visionaries like Vivekananda.

  2. Satyarth says:

    Hinduism is under great threat. I wish our dream of making a beautiful and safe India come true.

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