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Anna, am sorry, i disagree

I hereby declare that I withdraw my support to Anna hazare movement as my disagreement with its members and agendas reached a peak. First one was I saw Agnivesh, a well known maoist sympathiser, I was very disappointed to see him sharing dias with Kiran bedi and Anna. I did not lose my faith on Anna, even after I saw these trojans like him, mallika sarabhai, and medha using the stage for their political and communal agendas. I can tolerate anything , but the Insult of my motherland for me is like insulting my mother.. the latest news was like a shock to me…

This was the original  image that was in the background set-up of the stage erected at Jantar Mantar on which Hazare was lying on a fast-unto-death for the Jan Lokpal Bill. Millions participated in the movement and no one had the problem with this image, now those “women activists” who represent us has problms and issues with this ? let us examine what are the issues ?

According to the sources :

  • The movement leaders decided to give a secular character to the logo

  • Some civil society members were uneasy on displaying an image which is identified as a Hindu religious symbol.

  • Bharat Mata is considered to be an incarnation of Devi Durga.

  • Women activists like Kavita Krishnan, Nandini Ojha and others raised the issue and requested the movement leaders to replace the image.

  • It did not take long for the leaders to agree to replace the image.

#1 Implies Bharatmata is not secular, what they mean is that there is some “Hindu” thing in it. And they make it clear that in point #3 that Bharat Mata is considered to be an incarnation of Devi Durga. Now what is there in India which Hindus do not have claim to ? Every thing and every image which is Indian Belong to Hindus, their culture and their History ? In order to Bring Hindus to the national movement to revolt against the forign rule, Bankim Chandra Chatterji compared Ma durga, which billions of Hindus revere the most, to motherland. Hence they participated in millions and later it was pictorially represented as Bharatmata by nationalist organisation like RSS.Question ariss that Why should a minority belief should be an obstacle to bring an overwhelming majority belief ?

This is the most popular picture used by various nationalist organisations for Bharatmata. The back drop to the Mata’s image is Akhandh Bharat which is still the dream of millions of this nation. But here anna hazare was diplomatic from the beginning he did not use this image, but tried a different one without compromising the concept..He “updated” the logo by an image of Bharat Mata encircled by the map of India. Now where is the problem ? To satisfy “secularists” he compromised the seat of Bharatma, ie lion and also replaced “Bhagva” dwaj with Indian Tricolor.

Now #5 and #4 is an utter loser atittude shown by the Anna hazare team, the millions who supported this anti corruption drive led by the what they called the Anna Phenomenon never even had a talk about the back ground image. Who are these civil society representatives who tend to falsely represent us ? We the youth and citizens of India have no problem with the image ? I was quite amazed to know that #5 It did not take long for the leaders to agree to replace the image. Is anna Hazare and his entire team so prone to be brainwashed or misled by the trojans sorrounding him ?

Now What if they replaced the image of Bharat Mata encircled by the map of India with the map encircled by Tiranga. ? Will it make less “communal” and more “secular” ?

Not so long ago, we saw the tiranga yathra, being SUCCUSFULLY stopped at Jammu and Kashmir because the Govt, both central and state, said it is a communal agenda by the BJP. Now is Tiranga “secular” ? Just asking a doubt !!

We are living in a false notion of secularism where in anything and everything connected to native faith (Hindu) is seen as communal. This atittude will not lead us anywhere. And time has come for youth to take charge and proudly proclaim they are Hindus and everyone in India are Hindus. If not, The neo mughals, and neo british are waiting to rule and ruin our Bharat Again…!!

A few words to Anna hazare whom I still respect a lot, “ I am sorry, Anna ji, I love you, I know you are helpless,I disagree with you on the issue of Bharatmata image, but I can not stand at a place where my mother and motherland gets insulted, you may fight corruption without my litlle support, and you must, thank you”


9 Comments on “Anna, am sorry, i disagree”

  1. hariharabalang says:

    In my humblest personal opnion Annaji or whomsoever sitting on the dias, and unduly cashing on the ‘anti-corruption mood of the nation ‘, created by the hard work of the BJP ( of course the minor share of the left can’t be denied), and thus receving undue media glare, must keep in mind that, they are merely the ‘trustees’ of the ‘public mood’, and as such are morally bound to channelise it in the right way, without giving much attention to these ‘use for nothing pseudo-secular anti nationalist’…,,

    P.S : Annaji, as digvijay ji suggested, seems to be a “gullible man”.. ..

  2. karthik says:

    if so…start a proper anti corruption…if u can?…or support the on going movement if u can…..or else shut and sit in hme and cry…that s wht u can..

  3. completely agree with you..

  4. Ashwani tripathi says:

    i hate everyone who do not like our Bharat mata’s Image,
    i will never support anna hazare if he doesnt respect Bharat mata image

  5. Prashanth K.P. says:

    Gullible? Nay, it is concocted. Who is this Kavitha & Nandini? Ever heard of them? Well I didn’t. A search tells me this Kavitha Krishnan is the all India Secretary of ‘All India Progressive Women’s Association [AIPWA]? Ever heard of that? And Progressive Women – Eh! Never located Nandini Ojha anywhere. So what more better publicity can she get than burning her ire in this movement. Basically all of them are Swami Agnivesh’s followers and secret keepers. So to attribute any morality to these women itself would be a shame. To mention them here itself is worthless except for the fact that I had to mention them out of rage against Anna Hazare, a self proclaimed nationalist who surely did begin a movement for a noble cause but lost the sanctity of the cause half way and stands gullible now without knowing which way to look. I had written earlier that the entire episode was a staged satire to divert attention from the Sonia Clan and their looting of Bharat Mata. I still stand up to my conviction. As to whether they remove Bharat Mata from their Tiranga or not is irrelevant as Bharat Mata does not have to be seen or imprinted to be emphasized. It is a born thought and will remain so with every Patriotic India but not these trolls who are anything but Traitors.

    I can bear corruption but not annihilation of Mathrubhumi by a obnoxious lot of imbeciles. Sorry Mr. Anna. I too have to bade farewell to your cause.

  6. rajesh says:

    i agree with u . i proud to my bharat mata

  7. sweta says:

    I tooo agree with you !! Jab Maa hi nhi toh hum lad kiske liye rahe hai !! Hamara desh aur hamari mitti Mata hai !! Seculars kiski kokh se paida hotey hai aur kaha martey hai yeh woh jaane !! Humne hamari mata ki goud main janam liya hai unki hi goud main rakh hokar milna hai !! BHARAT MATA Ki JAI !! VANDE MATARAM !!

  8. neeraj atri says:

    I have used the image from your blog. I hope you will permit me to do that.

    Here is my take on it.

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