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Open letter to Antonio Maino

Dear Sonia Gandhi aka antonio maino,

    I saw you reply letter to Sri Anna Hazare, and as a well wisher of that great gandhian, I wish to write an open letter to you based on some of the omments you made in your letter, I do not hope you will read this, but many of the common men whom you call aam aadmi, will read this. So let us start..


“You should have have no doubt of my commitment in the fight for probity in public life”

Okay so much commitment , will you allow this JanLokpal bill if at all is realised, will first investigate the corruption charges levelled against you by various economists and emminent personlities like S. Gurumurthy and Dr. Subrahmanian Swamy. Hope you have read in websites and various coloumns in few newspapers , the charges they raise against you.. if you have not , please go through these.

  1. A series of articles about you in janataparty website. This website is not yet banned like you banned “red Saree”. I challenge you to file a defamation case against Dr Swamy if these allegations made by him are wrong. But how can you ? you have lost many cases against this critic of yours..!
  2. Here is another great critic of yours Sri Gurumurthy and he through the new indian express have exposed to millions about your black moey and swiss accounts. Why are you silent ? just try a defamation case.


“As you know the NAC Working Group on Transparency, Accountability and Governance”

I had gone through the articles which I mentioned above, and you please tell me, provided the fact that the allegations made against you by these people seems to be true to me, and also since you are silent on these issues. How can we believe these transparency, accountability in an institution headed by you ?

“As for statements appearing in the media, let me assure you that I do not support politics of smear campaigns.”

Not so many years ago you called a CM of Gujarat “Maut Ka Saudagar” and yet you do not believe in smear campaigns. You yourself called a formr prime minister of the state a “Gaddar” and yet you say you do not believe in smear campaigns, We all know you have appointed Digvijay Singh whom we call diggy as the official foulmouth of your party. So please do not try fool the people of this country with your letters.

Thank you..!!

Aaam Aadmi (mango man).


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