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The Media and the Modi

The CON paid media is back on their favourite target again. The Narendra Modi is always a talking point for the main stream media. They highlight every single local election that Gujarat bjp loses and makes NaMo responsible for it, although they get rarely any chance. Every single statistics on Gujarat is hyped if it is not ideal, as if they expect the ideal state from NaMo. Also every single man who say something against Narendra Modi is made a saint and his statement is their Bible. But thanks to this Modi Bashing , Modi still rules the State and heart of the people, not just Gujaratis, but of the Hindus scattered all over the world.

On the night of a day when the news channels were so busy debating the Bhushans and Hegde, the digvijays and dynasties, star news suddnly broke a story. It claimed they have exclusive access to an affadavit filed by a Top cop of gujarat who is an ips officer in the Sc against Narendra Modi. They flashed the following statements from the affadivit, as if they have got an evidence. Might be they are too ignorant to know that affadavit is not an evidence.

Point to be noted here :

  • Whenever a scam hits the CON govt, the news channels have a “Hindu terror” or a “NarendraModi” story.
  • Media was helping congress by destabilising the fight against corruption, they seemed quite victorious, but not so much that they could divert the mood of common people.
  • So as usual, the twist was necessary, and an ips officer gave them the story to twist.

Now star news broke the story that day, and entire MSM was going gaga with the story, particularly NDTV who were desperate for a “rescue”.

Now what does the affadavit say or what did MODI say during the night of 27th

February 2002 ?

  1. Mr Bhatt claims that at the meeting with a group of about eight police officers on February 27, 2002, in which he heard Modi saying as follows…!
  2. The Muslims be taught a lesson to ensure that such incidents do not recur ever again.
  3. The emotions were running very high amongst the Hindus.
  4. They be allowed to ‘vent out their anger’.
  5. be “indifferent” to rioters and to the calls for help from areas under attack.

Now please do tell me what is SO shocking about these revelations by Sanjev ? Modi is always and from the beginning been accused of making such statements and always media has ben questioning his impartiality, even though they could not prove it. The famous lie which media propogated was that Narendra Modi quoted Newtons third law as a justification of Post godhra riots, but that lie is exposed, thanks to new age media of blogs and social sites. Modi never quoted newtons third law, nor did he justify the riots with a similar statement, rather what he said exactly was this “”Kriya pratikriya ki chain chal rahi hai. Hum chahate hain ki na kriya ho aur na pratikriya“. [ translation: “There is a chain of action-reaction going on. We wish that neither there be ‘action’ nor ‘reaction'”] “. So media from the beginning always want their viewers to believe that Narendra Modi masterminded the post Godhra riots. So why are they frequently repeating what they have already said many times before ?

Many obvious reasons

  1. Modi is a polarising figure, in a sense he has been projected as so, so each time highlighting it on the issues of godhra means they can polarise the society.
  2. While many hindus see him as a saviour, and from that saviour they want to inject poison in the muslim minds by creating an imprssion that pro Hindutva means he is anti muslim, and a mass murderer of muslims, and hence spoil the hindu muslim relations.
  3. Modi is a great organizer, and he will unite people under hindutva, which will spoil the interests of communally thinking people.
  4. He is a thrat to congress, so they want to stop him expanding his influenze outside Gujarat, and that is why they dar to show him in badlight, even after many proof that it only helps him win elections inside Gujarat.

In short and simple words , the communal agenda force the media to highlight every single news which is anti Modi.

Now coming to this peculiar case of Sanjeev Bhatt IPS , here are some facts which is important to know befor we read his affadavit,

  1. Sanjeev Bhat has a criminal case against him & is facing criminal proceeding for alleged custodial torture of one Naran Sudha alias Naran Jadav when the latter was arrested in July 1997. Read this article in Indian express
  2. He is also an accused in a kidnapping case in Pali (Rajasthan). This news story from Indian Express in 2001
  3. And more importantly, no official, who is known to have definitely attended the meeting has spoken of his presence there. Also he was considered too junior to have been invited to such a high-level meeting.Read the story here. That means He is even not able to prove the presence at the meeting which he claim to have attended.

Now media has not reported this allegations against the cop, rather they are trying to justify that his affadavit are holy. They approach his driver and that great driver exactly remembers what all happened that day. These people have extra ordinary memory power, when it comes to 2002 and all.

So far so good, media thinks they have achieved something, what is it ?

  1. We Succusfully diverted the attention from corruption
  2. Again succeeded in Maligning Modi
  3. More importantly, got something to rant against the SC verdict which is coming soon shortly.

Narendra Modi will remain a hero of Nationalist and patriotic Hindus for various reasons,but is Modi the real target of media ? My observation is that he is not..! the target of media which is funded by west and catholic churches has always been the native population. By maligning Narendra, the king of people, (read hindus) , they are trying to lower the self confidence of Hindus. The conversions are banned i

n Gujarat, and morover it should be because it is a land of MahatmaGandhi who had strong reservations against Christian evangelists. More and more people are studying yoga and samskrit today which makes the maccullay plans flop. So by eleminating Modi through continuous character assasination, they want to target the people and the country again.

So dear fellow nationalists, do not ever fall in to the media trap, fight against the propogandists, however hard the fight may be, but you must, because you should ensure this century and centuries hereafter the Bharat should be the power centre of the world, like it was centuries ago, and at the present scenerio, Narendra Modi is the only hope, for us.

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4 Comments on “The Media and the Modi”

  1. VOXINDICA says:

    You are right. Whenever UPA / CONgress – read SOniaG is in a tight spot, our ‘independent’ media comes to rescue the ‘damsel’ in distress. Besides, why is there so much hoopla about an ‘affidavit’. It is not proof. It is only a person’s affirmation of facts ‘to the best of his knowledge’. Someone else can file an ‘affidavit’ saying that Sanjeev Bhatt was ‘not at all present in the meeting’ chaired by Narendra Modi. It will have the same weight as Bhatt’s in the eyes of the law!

  2. Prashanth K.P. says:

    It is simple. Modi Bashing is the ultimate diversion MSM adopts when CON and their GodMother Family is implicated in scams, involved in scandals and engaged in financial impropriety by looting the National Exchequer. MSM aids and abets the CON and GodMother of course for a huge fee, audaciously daring the public conscience and startlingly detracts the Hindu Community as being fundamentalists & terrorists.

    But both these elements fail to realize that it takes considerably more than a step to destabilize the great Hindu fabric of India upon which the entire 1.19 Billion people dwell, regardless of religion, cast, color or creed. They fail to perceive that it is this very Hindu culture that all other religions form their basis upon. That they can manage and manipulate lies is a temporary phase. It will hardly fetch them the desired result they keenly want to. Public has assessed, analyzed and evaluated them enough to be blindly fooled. Yes, they did score marks pre-ayodhya judgement days. Post Ayodhya Judgement, their attempted vilification has fallen on the ears of a society who are increasingly raising their eyebrows at MSM’s relevance and responsibility.

    Modiji does not require any clean chit by a obnoxiously biased Main Stream Media or a pugnacious Congress Party. Both MSM and CON Party have tried and tested ignominious methods to implicate and taint Mr. Modi, BJP and the Hindus of the Country. Their incessant stabs have not inflicted any serious injury nor will it ever since Judiciary is ever so present in curtaining their impish methods.

    But yes, time has come for all Hindus to unite and retrospect. A counter punch has become imminent. I personally have no idea how to deliver it. But whoever leads to it will certainly find me lending my hand to it.

    Meantime, thank you Ashok for keeping the fire alight with your wonderful blog!

  3. Amit Rai says:

    Hello Sir ,

    Myself Amit Rai started with the hope to increase the possibility of change & reform in India . We believe that the major problem in our society is the flow of valuable , real information which is missing and people don’t get the real picture of things so that they can act towards change or support the people who are working hard to bring change .

    We just started and huge plan for future which we are working on but we need support people , right now we are focusing to combine people who believe in speaking the truth in one platform by using internet .

    So If possible the you join us share you thinking , article , reports or blogs with us and publish with so that more people can see the reality and act towards the change .

    Thank you

    Please reply and visit our website

    And reply us on email …we are waiting for your reply

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