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Om Sai Ram


Sathya Sai Baba , a man whose life itself was a miracle left his mortal body today. I am not a Sai Bhaktha,I have never visited Him, nor I have heard his speeches, nor I have been a beneficiary of Him, but I respect him and worship him as a saint , a great soul, who practiced and preached “Manava Seva Madhava Seva,Nara Seva Narayana Seva” . The great sage who explained the tatwa “Aham Brahmasmi” with these words “Main Bhagwan hoon, aur tum bhi bhagwan ho. Farq sirf itna hain ki, tumhe wo pata nahin hain” , My knowledge about Sai is very feeble , but I want to pay my homages to the great saint Bhagawan Sai BaBa with my little blog post.

Sathya Sai, I think I first heard about him in my uncles computer, he showed me a video clip, which said Sai is Fraud, his vibhuthi from air is just another magic. But later on I heard about his followers and his Bhajjans and his enormous charity works, and that made me erase the impression which sai criticisers wanted to make on me. Such fabulous charity works can not be done if he was not God, I do not think any on has done such amount of charity in India with his own hardwork ?

Now as far as the God question is concerned ? many people ask me – does a god neeed a wheel chair ? Why build hospitals to cure, om kreeem is not enough ? will god die ? God on ventillator ?Sensible questions, but they ask it to Sai only. Many seers including Christ has done many magic and miracles to attract followers , these athiests do not criticise the christianity which is solly based on the belief that Christ did miracles. So as someone said, Sai baba is apersonality equilant to that of christ, if you are to criticise Sai, start it from criticising the man who lived 2000 years ago. And any saint/god in human form will have to undergo the sufferings , and the entire Ramayana is the proof. So instead of debating whether sai is a god or not, let us realise his divine qualities and divine messages and move on !

Let us together say a big thank you for his work for the humanity, and the Bharateeyata. He brought the entire world to a small village in Bharat, He has flopped the conversion agendas of many evangelists, and above all he has been the hope and God for millions. I respect his followers and their master.

Punarapi jaanam punarapi maranam punarapi janani jatare shayanam….!



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