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Barkha Radia-Active emissions

After Arnab GoSwamy “assaulted” Sri Manish Tewari who was making dump arguments against the PAC report, Barkha Dutt does a personal attack on Arnab Calling him a flaming hypocrite,Mr bombast, empty vessel,lokpal in waiting and terming times now a hollow channels !

Here is the debate thaT happened in timesnow

click here

Here is the Barkha personally insulting Arnab Goswamy in a public space

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SOME Copy paste from @bdutt timeline !!

“I have an idea for who should be the new lokpal. Mr bombast himself. :)”

“The chap who waves his pencil and wags his finger on “your channel” “ (In reply to @Pawankhera who asked @BDUTT er. Who is this Mr bombast – lokpal in waiting?)

“He has enough bombast to be both” (in reply to RT @Joydas @BDUTT He can’t as he will have to resign from the Post of Chief Justice of Supreme Court India )

and also a flaming hypocrite. Then again people get the people they/we deserve.” (in reply to RT @minacricket  @BDUTT why not. he is sincere, honest and apolitical.)

“YOU should CHANGE the channel. and remember empty vessels make the loudest noise ” (in reply to RT @iamrana @BDUTT @sonaliranade when MY anchor , shouts on MY channel, protecting MY interests, shud I sleep soundly in MY bed? Can u please answer ?)

“ empty vessels.. make.. the most noise :-)” (in reply to RT @parikhkunal  @BDUTT just for fun..try a “buck stops here” like Mr. Bombast, will create more noise than the tapes)


6 Comments on “Barkha Radia-Active emissions”

  1. sanjeevirao says:

    All the comments by Barkha about Arnab fits only her. Arnab for me is the hero among the paid media channel anchors.

  2. meena das narayan says:

    She is the worst example of a journalist, I feel ashamed that her, Sagarika’s, Karan’s opinions are televised to the innocent, uneducated ones

  3. karthi says:

    hare ram
    we r enojying what arnab does now, but v must be care full abt them-[paid medias] if any thing goes wrong with bjp/modig/hindus the vil hit us to show thier sickular nature so even though arnab doing great job we must have our own media to check them hope bjp/hindu billinories listen… Jai hind

  4. Venripotent says:

    Barkha he is not just Mr.Bombast but he is Mr.Bombastic, Really Fantastic…..

    Shame on you Barkha, is this the way you repay the favor he did during the Radia Tapes scandal?

  5. Delhi_girl says:

    At least Arnab asks uncomfortable and disconcerting questions to politicians, esp. Congressmen. What has Barkha ever done except do lap dance on the Congressis?

  6. divine says:

    she needs a tight slap.

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