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The journey through Quran

As a Hindu, I consider Srimad Bhagavad Gita as my guiding book. The book is all about philosophy, the way to Good and happy life, the many ways to reach the truth. The same Krishna who advices arjuna all these things in the end says ..

“I have revealed to you the secretest of the secret knowledge, Criticise this heavily and do whatever you wish”. This is the shloka which glues me more to the book, and the liberty of thought it has given to the mankind make it superior to all Holy Scriptures in the world. But why I am writing on Quran then, should not I write on something which I love and follow?

Now quran is a Book which is considered “Holy” by about one fifth of total population in the world. We Hindus, most of us, including myself, are ignorant about quran. We only witness violene in the name of that book. Osama Bin laden, who got killed recently found this book as his guiding force to his terrorist ideology? People say it is misinterpreted Quran that the terrorists propogate? But then whre can we find authentic quran? Almost every book is interpretted, in our case there are many interpretations of Gita, but there is not a single terrorist who kills people by saying Gita says so. A lot of unanswered question about why the book called Koran produced world’s deadly terrorists?

As I said, Hindus are the most ignorant about the Koran. Some have not even read it when they say it is a book of peace? “Let the Muslims read Koran, Christians bible, and we will read Gita?” “Why should we read their book” are some of the comments made by our people. But I think, we should read every book which talks about us, the people who go to temple, the people who worship motherland, heroes of the land, parents, those who see God in many forms. The quran talks about these people, ie we the Hindus. Our holy books never saw us as a group of people, but Quran does, it calls us “Non Believers” and we are mentioned in each and every chapter of that holy book.

Neither Hindutva nor Sanathana Dharma is a religion of peace, nor do we or nor should we claim so, but never in the history, this land of Bharat have ben in war with any religions. But there have been many reprisal attacks, but that also are not even comparable with the numbers of wars and massacres by the “one God, one book” religions. So those people who claim to “propogate peace” through out the world or beyond have committed murders, loot etc. So the peace they mean is not what we think, but something else,. There has been many wars by islamic rulers, People of Bharat many times were the victims of terrorist attacks by the osamas of that age. Still we are not able to understand that the Islam as such, hates us.

Everyone knows Islam is all about One God called Allah, and his teachings (commandments through the prophet?). Idol worship is forbidden in islam, it is also against worshipping god in many forms. This concept is not a alien to sanathana dharma, the nirakara worship is way to reach the god. But we need to understand many of us who call ourself Hindus are Temple visitors, idol worshippers in the sense that we see the God in everything and also in idols. So the hate prescribed against the majority of us is just unacceptable. But do you doubt whether quran hate us ?

Now, this is where my efforts will help you. Am going through each and every chapter of Quran, and researching about the degree of hate it is preaching against what they call idolators, polythiests. Am not interpreting Koran, but only going through it. Certainly I will point out any “peace” if and only if it is there in the book. If any Muslim brothers of mine are feeling insulted if I point out “violence” in the verses from their holy book, I would like to say that I am not the person who wrote the book I am copying from. Th English translation which I am refering, I believe is the accepted translation of the book. Also the verse from gita which I quoted at the beginning of this article, if something of that kind, was there in quran an Bible, the world would have been more peaceful. So the journey through Quran starts now..

Here is the link… . Please help me with criticisms an suggestions, and you ar free to comment anywhere in that blog. Thank you, let the peace be with all..!

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3 Comments on “The journey through Quran”

  1. sudhir says:

    Well, one just cant give a final decision or opinion siting one or a few cases of objectionable objections by a believer., hence it would be appropriate to show him why this is said so, and so on. Here we have to assume the nature, culture educational levels and socio-economic situations of the time when so called Mohamed (the Prophet) created the so called Mohammedan Ideology. As far as we know, he was a illiterate caravan raider, who some how had the strength to amass hordes of like minded people (sociopaths) loot plunder and devastate huge areas, kill all men destroy all the temples, idol worship was the way of worship prevalent there at the time, and lo suddenly this plunderer, gained the form of demi god and the illiterate wrote or made some one to write the so called book Quran,, where you are bound to find funny things., but I don’t intend toelaborate any more here.

  2. vishchan says:

    Fantastic sir.. you can call this Quran for starters. Will follow this space keenly.. good use of holidays 🙂

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