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NIE “forgets” NaMo

Today morning as usual I took the New Indian Express daily and simultaneously logged in to the twitter. For a few months this has been my morning practice, that I browse through the paper and if I find anything of my interest I share my thoughts about it on twitter. Today morning I came across the news in sixth page of the daily which read “Shashi Tharoor tweets his way to million hearts”. Being a twitter addict this news attracted me and I went on reading.

Though the news is about Shashi Taroor, it also contained news about how popular are Indian celebrities in twitter. The point of writing is this post is this part of that article.

It says Mrs Sushama Swaraj and Mr Omar Abdullah are the ONLY TWO POLITICIANS who have gained more fan following and have found place in TOP 50 having large number of followers. So as an active twitter user I know this fact is wrong, Sri NARENDRA MODI, who at present has 173,419 followers. The comparison of twitter profiles of the three are given in the following picture.

Facts and points to be noted :

  • Sri. Narendra Modi has the largest number of following as far as polititians are concerned. (Second to shashi taroor who had a great number of followers befor he entered politics)
  • 173992 > 58937>23079 as far as arithematic is concerned.
  • Shri Narendra Modi is the only one among the trio who has his TWITTER ACCOUNT VERIFIED.
  • Though he tweets less, but informs his followers his day to day political activity.(omar abdullah wastes his time talking to “nuts” and “nutcases”)
  • It is not just an error when Narendra Modi is forgotten; it is deliberate or selective amenesia.
  • No big deal if he is not in the news, but we want clarification if this was deliberate or is there is an excuse for error.
  • The facts presented in a newspaper should be right to its fullest, however silly the news may be, so I hope you will clarify a BIG MISTAKE in a SILLY NEWS.
  • If express news do not correct this news, still it does not matter to us. We only pointed out an error, which we suspect is deliberate error.
  • We respect New Indian Express and do not doubt its nationalism, as I have read many nationalistic articles in it. So no worries.
  • Have sent a letter to editor pointing out this error, which you can read below.

3 Comments on “NIE “forgets” NaMo”

  1. chandru says:

    Maybe NIE considers him a terrorist, rather than a politician

  2. nationalizer says:

    This is the article in NIE :

    And i have mailed to The editor prabhu chawla and he has promised to check verify and correct !!!

  3. […] A report published by NIE on May 7th on Tharoor crossing 1 million followers, somehow missed the name of Narendra Modi who was only second to Tharoor in number of followers .New Indian Express forgot him and they wrote “Mrs Sushama Swaraj and Mr Omar Abdullah are the ONLY TWO POLITICIANS who have gained more fan following and have found place in TOP 50 having large number of followers. ”. NIE , PrabhuChawla themselves are in twitter, but they forgot about Narendra Modi, the tweeple. They “forgot” the popularity NaMo has among Netizens. I wrote a post on this issue : nie- forgets-namo […]

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