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An Indian Troll questions “Azad Kashmir”

Today Nidhi Razdan , NDTV anchor was my favourite target !

My reactions

  • “Azad kashmir ” Where is that place?Enlighten please @nidhi_razdan !!
  • IS “Azad Kashmir” your family property, which you have sold to likes of geelani sahebs ? @nidhi_razdan
  • Paki tweeples and Indian trolls, well spoken @nidhi_razdan , show your tweets to Rehman SAHEB, he will give u VISA like @bdutt got !
  • Aaj Azad kashmir, kal azad arunachal , parson azad kerala , and we must say you are a Honourable Women or Lady brutus ? @nidhi_razdan
  • If u wanted a pak VISA , why not you contact your Group editor @BDUTT ,she’l lobby for you ? tell me what should i tell her ? @nidhi_razdan
  • Arey haha , bhool gaya @abdullah_omar ke bare main, he might have more links to lahore, send a tweet to him @nidhi_razdan
  • If you are so shy to ask Omar JI for a favour, let me ask @abdullah_omar , hi JK cm, can u help @nidhi_razdan go inside PAK ???
  • Who the hell is anonymus ? Do you want to know my address and phone number ? follow me , i can DM you @nidhi_razdan
  • We also dont need any certificate 2 prove our nationalism?”Azad Kashmir” is a harmful term which is against national interest @nidhi_razdan
  • whatever the work you have done in POK, do not advertise it now, apologise for “azad kashmir” remark !!!! @nidhi_razdan
  • oh is it your definition that for one to be called sane , he must support your azad kashmir tweets. fail logic ! @nidhi_razdan !

4 Comments on “An Indian Troll questions “Azad Kashmir””

  1. Gururaj S. (@equateall) says:

    Hats off to you.
    It is such a painstaking job. There are so many who keep making such “deliberate” mistakes and expect them to be overlooked. Definitely our Padma award panel is so keenly tracking them and won’t miss them next time around!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. The Mindset says:

    all these pseudo-secular idiots should be sent to Pakistan not PoK

  3. ANONYMOUS says:

    I Like Nidhi but not more than India, I live in Canada but I am a little concerned over Omar Abdullah’s work. Don’t know what he is trying to do, he voted against death penalty of Afzal Guru, Just recently he is accused for the murder of party member, may be that guy came to know something about his treachery against our homeland and Nidhi usually supports Omar on twitter and during interviews, may be that is where this word came from (Azad Kashmir) . May be you should ask Nidhi on Twitter.

    P.S. Sorry guys I am not good with words.

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