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No “Saffron terrorist” in India’s most wanted list

Hafiz Moh ,Sajid Majid aka Sajid Miraka Wasi aka Mohd Arshad Awan aka Masi ,Syed Abdur Rehman aka Pash  Major Iqbal. Illyas Kashmiri aka Baba Rashid Abdullah aka Abu Rehan aka Abdul Aziz aka Wali  Major Sammer Al  Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar aka Shaikh Dawood Hasan aka Dawoo…..

Do not make a wild guess that this list has something to do with annual Haj piligrimage sponsered by Governmet of India.Also on the other hand do not think these are people were killed in a fake encounter designed and executed by Narendra Modi and his “effite” people. if you made such a wild guess, please make sure that you are deliberately forgetting about a section of muslims, who are not piligrims, and who are not victims of Narendra Modi and the RSS.These group are called the terrorists, and that too most wanted terrorists India is searching for.The list is prepared by the Govt agencies which is headed by the CONGRESS people who are commited to secularism.

For complete list click here

Now check what I am writing is factual or not,

  • 46 out of 50 in the list have an islamic name.(4 sikhs)
  • More than 90 percent of India’s most wanted terrorists are Muslims as of now.
  • There is not a single Hindu name in the list.
  • More than 60 percent of the Islamic terrorists are Indians.
  • India does not see any threat from any Hindu, inside or outside.
  • Not a single major Hindutva organisations are presently banned in the country ( check here banned org in India) while more than 30 percent of the banned organisations are having islamic ideology. Other being seperatist movements like maoists,ltte etc which has no link to hindutva ideology

Now let us ask some questions….

Many many months ago the Honourable Home minister of India said terror has no religion and at the same time said SAFFRON TERRORISM is a cause of concern in India. Now that he has released this list I was taken aback to see that he actually failed to put even ONE HINDU NAME in the list after so many narco analysis and Interrogation on so called Sadhvis and sadhus. No Hindu is convicted by any court of law, before that chidambaram, started accusing Hindus of terrorism. For him, islamic terrorism has nothing to do with religion of islam,but the unproved criminal cases against a few Hindus is a justification to call the sacred colour of Hindus as terror symbol. As now as the list is out he must explain where his so called Saffron terrorism is, we only could see green terrorists. Also if he thinks RSS is the epicentre of India’s terrorism why he do not call for a ban on the organisation ?

The prince, the most eligible bachelor who recently did magic in Bihar and TamilNadu with his oratory and charisma,Shri Rahul Gandhi, RaulVinci, also said Hindu terrorism is of major concern. IT was not to his mom or anyone to whome he said so, rather he preffered to talk about serious Hindu Terrorists to an American ambassador.Such a great guy, our prince is, he discusses India’s internal issues with america. Now we demand from the RahulGandhi either to apologise his foolish comments on Hindus as terrorists, or explain why the list do not contain any Hindu names?

Now to congress parties and all those who say religion has no relation to Terrorism? Is it only a coincidence that 90 percent of world’s terrorists are practicing Muslims? Why 90 percent of enemy of the Indian state are Muslims? Do these people quote any other book than that prescribed by Koran for their jihad against India? It is a fact that Congress very well know that there is more than ambilical cord relation between terrorism and islam, and that is why they are treating Kasabs and Afzals who killed innocents with Beef and chicken biriyani.

To all the fellow Hindu nationalists, there are various questions you face in your life as a Hindu nationalists.Attempts are made to compare the organisations like RSS and VHP with islamic terrorist organisations.Many islamic terror organisations are banned, but RSS and VHP is not (except a few times, but was revoked). No Hindu organisations are using Eye for an ye policy, if they had India need not have this yearly custom of listing islamic terrorists names. So we are peace loving by default, and do not let the congress tamper with our peace. Any one asking you about Saffron terror, show them this list and challenge him to place one saffronn terrorist in the list. That will stop all the blah blah.. !


3 Comments on “No “Saffron terrorist” in India’s most wanted list”

  1. Prashanth K.P. says:

    Ashok, valuable input as is usual from you. Yes valid questions that certainly demand a response from those very imbeciles who uttered and propagated the concept ‘saffron terror’. Islam has been the enclave of international terror notwithstanding their proclamation of being a religion of ‘peace’. CON will grant them secularship wholeheartedly because it pertains to their very own survival. Wishing Muslims otherwise would see to the end of another century old party similar to the fate of CPM post state elections yesterday, 13th May 2011.

    Once again, great analysis.

  2. Ephramm says:

    Excellent Analysis and well said this would definitely shut their mouth for sure…..

  3. says:

    Your blog shows that you are a Hindu Facist and a supporter of “Saffron Terrorism” . Why you hided famous Saffron terrorists like Swamy Asimanandha , Kamal chawhan,Shrikant Prasad Purohit , praveen thagadiya . First terrorist in our Freedom India is Naduram Godse (a brahmin) a Rss Man. Father of Genocide in Modern India is Narendra Modim. Your facist mindset shows that you are from terrorist organisation Rss ( runs in the name of social service)

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