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Nationalizer “Reminds” NIE about “NaMo”



A report published by NIE on May 7th on Tharoor crossing 1 million followers, somehow missed the name of Narendra Modi who was only second to Tharoor in number of followers .New Indian Express forgot him and they wrote “Mrs Sushama Swaraj and Mr Omar Abdullah are the ONLY TWO POLITICIANS who have gained more fan following and have found place in TOP 50 having large number of followers. “. NIE , PrabhuChawla themselves are in twitter, but they forgot about Narendra Modi, the tweeple. They “forgot” the popularity NaMo has among Netizens. I wrote a post on this issue : nie- forgets-namo

At the same time I sent “a letter to editor” the same day: Read here There was no response from the NIE nor they corrrected it till yesterday. Accidenlty I saw Sri Prabhu Chawla in twitter tweeting whether “Narendra Modi will be invited to jayalalitha’s swearing in?” I asked him whether this ommision of NaMo’s name was deliberate, also sent a mail to him. He replied to the mail as follows:


Any way Sri Prabhu Chawla promised the correction and today he kept his promise. In the middle page right bottom, they accept it as an “inadvertent” mistake.



I am very happy that my humble post and mails to NIE and their editor, Chawla is taken into consideration and they have corrected it.But still the larger question remains “was this mistake INADVERTENT and are all mistakes and misinformation on NaMo INADVERTANT ? “


4 Comments on “Nationalizer “Reminds” NIE about “NaMo””

  1. b k chowla says:

    Two points.
    1—If more and more people like you come forward, India wont lose hope.
    2—We must appreciate Chawla’s effort to correct the situation

  2. Prashanth K.P. says:

    Your watch on pertinent and deliberate omissions and commissions of MSM is significant. It has become an organized trend withing the so-called MSM to ignore or avoid anything that has to do with Shri. Narendra Modi and his achievements whereas any spec of nonsense that emanates from the likes of Bhatt, Teestas so on and so forth find headlines with them.

    Prabhu Chawla was generous enough to acknowledge his mistake regardless of terming it inadvertent. So be it. But what about the rest? Have they instigated any action to rectification? No, they will not.

    We, at Twitter, need to force MSM to change their partisan propaganda and paidnews policy and kneel them down to realistic media dharma. For this we need efficient Media watchers like you who can spearhead this movement. We will be there through and through behind you.

    Great work Ashok.

  3. rushabh says:

    Good work ashok…

  4. Gitesh says:

    brother please make feeds full, so that we get articles whenever you post

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