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Starnews Neilson : Survey or Service ?

STAR news does a survey, Do not ask Why now, but they think it is the apt time,especially when he “discovers” the 72 feet ashes of “dead bodies”, and gets “arrested”.

According to star news, In the survey of 8,778 people across 28 cities, the 42-year-old Gandhi scion garnered 19 percent of the votes, compared to Singh’s 21 per cent. Yes his popularity is growing only and now he is more popular face than his Mother and only second to the Present Honourable Prime Minister of India.

According to star news “In the survey of 8,778 people across 28 cities, the 42-year-old Gandhi scion garnered 19 percent of the votes, compared to Singh’s 21 per cent. Congress boss Sonia Gandhi is on the third spot with 14 per cent votes. While controversial Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is on the fourth position with 12 per cent

No leader of NDA is in the top three positions!!! And the most popular face for PM post is CONTROVERSIAL CHIEF MINISTER OF GUJARAT!!!

Please note
  • Star news survey sample size is only about 9000.
  • The timing of the survey results coincide with Rahul Gandhi UP farmer politics Drama
  • Many online surveys are conducted, where the results are just reverse.

Now lets us switch to another website, a FB page exactly, managed by INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION. Remember ANNA hazare? Remember Congress said they are on the same page with ANNA ? you can  Participate in the poll now also

These are the results of the survey they conducted ?

  • The sample size for the survey as of now is : Total votes :  20,500 votes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Modiji got about 65 percent votes in his favour, while RG has only about 22 percent votes.
  • The votes modigot(13k)  is more than the sample size of the star news survey(9k)
  • Some other examples of NaMo’s popularity ….

    official twitter account

    official fan page

Media-critics website

Now Questions to Star news

  • Now which survey is more accurate, a survey made with 9k people or 20k people?
  • Why this desperate chamcha giri to hide the popularity of Narendra Modi?
  • Why add adjectives like CONTROVERSIAL whenever you talk about Narendra Modi?
  • Why always UPA is better than NDA in your survey results?
  • Rahul Gandhi neither Sonia Gandhi can become prime minister because of citizenship issues. Why this waste of time?
check : for more snapshots 

12 Comments on “Starnews Neilson : Survey or Service ?”

  1. indian girl says:

    digging up 20,500 votes survey was a brilliant move

  2. Gitesh says:

    good to see the lie nailed finally, thanks Nationalizer

  3. Prashanth K.P. says:

    It is obvious, isn’t it. The soaring popularity of Shri. Narendra Modi needs to somehow be severed from Public notice & glare and a propagandist Poll favoring Rahul Gandhi needs to somehow be fed to the Public, rather frantically. The recent series of follies and blunders that Rahul Gandhi has been committing has become laughing stock for the intellectual class and has begun to seep in to those areas below this segment where he lavishes most. If that base too smirks and discards him, the heir apparent prince will disappear into oblivion. The #PaidNews Media, courtesy #AmulMother and Congress Party, will advocate any measures to instill a kind of false perception with such level of people to ensure that Rahul Gandhi’s diminishing popularity is retained in high spirits, however faked it may be. Hence, any measure, like this Survey at an inadvertent time like now, will be undertaken in an attempt to safeguard the fall of the Prince.

    Will it save him? They are fools to consider that the electorate is that stupid enough not to realize the potential of Rahul Gandhi. DMK in Tamil Nadu and CPM in West Bengal are very recent examples of how the wise electorate considers their welfare.

    If at all Congress wins the next election and Rahul Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister, we the Indians should kick ourselves in the butt and endure the chosen collective decision of the fools!

  4. unknown_indian says:

    your comparison of an online survey with a survey done on the ground is quite stupid. Any poll related survey is done by taking a representative sample of likely voters, no online survey can insure that, while media houses take care to take a representative sample.second point is we all know BJP & Modi supporter r more active on net & this result shows their activism. In an online survey same person can vote multiple time which is not possible in a survey taken on ground. Is there any survey done on the ground which shows Modi is more popular than Rahul Gandi?

    • nationalizer says:

      1. we are common stupid people, we can not do such a survey like star news did for RG !
      2. Modi fans are active in net, y no RG fans in net ?
      3. Online survey does not prove modi has high popularity, but star news survey is just a chamchagiri !
      4. Bihar and Tn results show how popular is RG !!

    • Gitesh says:

      Mr.Unknown Indian ,
      Please accept my applaud for your stupidity,
      1- Facebook don’t allow double voting for single person,If you don’t know this you are always gonna be Unknown Indian( I think you are starnews employee trying to save A@$#
      2- Considering that Starnews survey is done on ground then more illiterate people are involved , so it proves the fact that Rahul Gandhi is preferred by more illiterate people and people who are educated and can read and write and are online nail his lie and they are not fooled by his Amul Baby Antics.

  5. Oindrila says:

    dont forget ,even in facebook.22% people hav voted for raul.doom’s day!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pallav Chaki says:

    HAIL MODIJI … His works are enough in Gujarat to prove what he is … 🙂
    Ofcourse his popularity is not only nation wide but International…. He will be our PRIME MINISTER which is of no doubt an astrologer during his early days told his mother about his two brothers whose kundli he saw that Narendra is going to be as big as an empire or he will renounce life and become a sanyasi..I guess he chose to become empire…though he did spent 2 years in himalayas…

    And yes stop cribbing about this chocolate boy ..Gandhi …of no use ..simply a both on this great country !! ignore him out !!

  7. Only Nrendra Modi deserved for P.M. post.
    Rahul Gandhi not even Rahul but all……Public elected PMs and MLAs etc to slove public problems in House…but even though these mps and Mlas r forcing people to slve theirs problem
    themself only…by encouraging the affected people by taking part in their agitation . But prefers to remain absent in house …so why to vote ?

  8. rajnarayan says:

    Dear congress se tie up hai kya
    sirf rahul ko hero batana accha funda hai
    dum hai to mere 5 question ko dikhao…..
    1-afjal guru ko faasi kyo nahi kya congtress se setting hai
    2-kasab ka ka
    3–mahengai kyo
    4–majbur pm resign karo majburi ka rona mat ro samvidhan ka apman mat kar
    5–common wealth //adarsh///kripasing matter//terorist/
    2g spectrum

  9. SP says:

    Thank God more then many like me.. don’t even watch star news…becuz star don’t know fundamentals of journalism..
    why star don’t research..??for why:
    — Afzal Guru & Kasab are not punished so far.. & question how much money of people is spent to keep them un-punished..?
    — Investigate roots of false money that enters circulation.
    — Role of home minister & his ministry to make/keep Bharat poorer..
    — why Govt. leads corruption despite adequate salaries of Govt. staff..??

    There are many vital issues that star can create waves of impact to earn their credentials

    If Star works for money.. i shall fund them to dig their grave..

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