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NDTV cooks Tweets ?

A fishy tweeple (sfd1234) ‘ tweet against BabaRamdev gets retweted by NDTV journos. Thanks to sumeet who noticed this and alerted the fellow tweeples. Let us look into some of the characteristics of this fishy account,

  • This seems like a fake account, exactly like Bdutt and co calls some right wing tweeters, no DP, no bio and some agenda tweets.

  • Till May 31st this account was kind of OK, it was just like another tweeple. There were no tweets about Ramdev Baba before June first or before the following tweet.
  • From June 1st at about 8pm in the night, this tweeple began to tweet the following to various journalists and famous people in twitter.
  • Maya206 (Maya Mirchandani) is an NDTV journalist and it is mysterious to see why sfd1234 chose her first ?
  • PankajPachauri another journalist of NDTV , also Rted this tweet.
  • Remember, these were the same people who acused us for being anonymous, and these are the same guys who are Rting anonymus tweet which contain an unverified info.

    As a response maya said :

    Baffled? we are beffled to see how a journo RT a unverified tweet from a fishy anonymus account ?

  • No other MSM journalists RT ed this tweet, why both of those who RT ed the tweet belong to NDTV?

So overall there is some thing cooking in NDTV as their website, NDTV cooks!!!!!


One Comment on “NDTV cooks Tweets ?”

  1. this is terrible! I hate what journalism has sunk into…no ethics, no values..only money matters

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