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ISLAM and RIGHT wing terror

Last week Norway also faced a terrorist attack, more than Ninety people were killed and world also began to raise eyebrows over the growing menace called Terrorism. All suspected an Islamic terror outfit behind the attack but it turned out that a “Right Wing “Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik was behind it. Why he did that? He himself is said to have explained it in his very lengthy manifesto!

In his manifesto entitled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence,” he indicts the European cultural elite for permitting Islam to take root in Europe.
Breivik predicts that several ‘mini-Pakistan” would be created all over Europe by 2083, one in each country due to ‘Lebanon-style’ conflicts. “It could be similar to the division of India after World War II, with the creation of one or several Islamic ‘Pakistan’ enclaves”

Does it make Islamic terror any less serious, when we see the right wing terror which is anti-Islamic in nature, grows and spread in this age of computers and internet? The right wing terrorist, Berwick, would not have taken any Guns, or would not have written any hate mongering manifesto against Muslims and Islam if they were living as any other religious group in the world. To put it in right words, the Islam as such not only breeds terrorism inside it, but also creates terrorists from the ideologies of whom they call KAFIRS.

The right wing in India is identified as HINDUTVA groups. Many allegations are leveled against the people identified with radical Hindu groups, though no one were convicted yet. The radicalism may not be the threat as of now, but in future the islamist may succeed in making HINDU Brewiks.

This reminds me about the Mahabharata war. The war resulted in heavy losses on both sides, but the root cause of the war was the greed and selfishness of Kouravas . The Dritharashtras of today turns a blind eye on the Islamist terrorist ideology and it seems what we all fear is inevitable. Let us hope for the best.


4 Comments on “ISLAM and RIGHT wing terror”

  1. K P Ganesh says:

    A wonderful article written by Sri. Arun Shourie covering the Hindutva angle and comparing it with radical Islam.

  2. prashuram says:

    u r a right wing fanatic who blames others for their crimes, fact is hindutva is most hate filled ideology/faith/culture in the history of humanity. There was no islam in india when hindus terrorised dalits & adivasis, made them untouchable & forced them to live outside the society. For hindutva a small elite such as Brahmins & other upper castes r superior human & rest r inferior whom u call Shudhra, Achoot or maleecha all are derogatory terms. Reform yourself before it is too late.

    • Venkat says:

      Every right winger owes his/her inception to islamic terror which has broken this country into peaces and still bent on killing hindus which is reminded to us hindus once or twice in a year (by bomb blasts by muslims). Do nto tell us about higher cast hindus doing injustice to lower caste, We seldom kill in the name of caste, but u ppl kill other sects shia, ahamadiya, sufi just to name a few!!

  3. shiv singh says:

    Nice pen down. who is this person talking nonsense? “prashuram “

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