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Virat Hindu Reloaded


Dr. Swamy ‘s Single article could achieve what a Hindu nationalist party’s decade of governance could not achieve. The people of Hindustan started debating and discussing Hindutva, nationalism .The same man drove the nation towards anti-corruption movement, although media did not give him due credit. At the end of the day, it is corruption, UPA, Gandhi (Italian) Pariwar, Communalism on one side and Hindutva, Swamy and anti-corruption on the other. Kudos to Swamy! We appreciate his timely wisdom, for he has clubbed all the asuric forces together. The stage is a set for a Mahabharata war.


The reality called ISLAMIC TERRORISM

The title that “Swamy” gave to his article was “How to wipe out Islamic terrorism”, is enough for the seculars to start the brawl. In fact terrorism is a reality, that we face nowadays, and to tag it with Islam is not a ambiguity. Islam always spread through wars and violence; even in Koran we can see the prophet leading war against non-believers. If Islamists used sword and knifes to terrorize people in the past, today they have updated themselves with bombs and guns. Most of the wanted terrorists of many countries including India have an “Islamic name”. So Islamic terrorism has always been a reality and it will continue to be so until it is wiped out completely.

Like every act of money exchange between two individuals is not corruption, every act of murder and crime is not terrorism. Terrorism, Swamy defines is like this: “the illegal use of force to overawe the civilian population to make it do or not do an act against its will and well-being.” All which is labeled as “Saffron, Hindu and Right wing terror” is nothing but a smear campaign to weaken the fight against terrorism. You might have heard the Home minister terming “SAFFRON” terrorism is a cause of Grave concern, but here is what his Secretary had to say ” It’s not the major problem. It’s more out of retaliation for what happened.” Also he adds: “A few insensitive people felt they needed to take action because the government was not taking adequate action.” . Many of the so called right wing terrorist did not resort to violence because they did not like some people, but because they were victims of the dislike of some people. On the other hand, the K Oran as such, explicitly calls those who do not follow the scripture, as Kafirs and enemies to Muslims. This intolerance is what is called terrorism.


Hindus have been in the past as well as in the present victims of Halal killings. It is not the west, who is only a recent victim of Islamic terror, but the nation of Hindus who should deal with this menace called Islamic terror. Swamy rightly put it like this: “Hindus cannot accept to be killed in this halal fashion, continuously bleeding every day till the nation finally collapses.”. Why are Hindus target of terrorism ? Because Islamists consider Hindu-dominated India “an unfinished chapter of Islamic conquests . If we paint the atlas with religious colors we can vividly prove the fact ourselves.


The solution to Terrorism

The solution of terrorism is not counter terrorism; it is not that we should take the law in our hands. Swamy intelligently puts right choice of words here: “Any policy to combat terrorism must begin with requiring each and every Hindu becoming a virat Hindu”. Who is a Virat Hindu? Is he the one who goes to temple every day, who read Gita every day? . A Virat Hindu is one who has a vyaktigat charitra (personal character) and rashtriya charitra (national character). Hindus must collectively respond as Hindus against the terrorist and not feel individually isolated or worse be complacent because he or she is not personally affected If one Hindu dies merely because he or she was a Hindu then a bit of every Hindu also dies This is an essential mental attitude a necessary part of a virat committed Hindu.”

The problem with Hindus has always been that they are not united. They are neither together during victories nor when they face tragedies. Swamy through his article ask Hindus to unite now or be ready to perish sooner or later. Each Hindu must turn into a Virat Hindu to defend this nation of Hind. We the Hindus are parts of the Nation just like the brain and the legs are all integral part of the body. Sooner we realize it, better it is for our self.


12 Comments on “Virat Hindu Reloaded”

  1. anand r says:

    The article looks incomplete and unsatisfying 😦

  2. prashuram says:

    You are trying to propagate the Scum of swamy as some kind of solution for india while in reality it is a recipie for disaster.smami & his ilk r frustrated because of Brahminical classes loosing power in Indian democracy due to awakening of dalits & other backward classes.. Your game plan is to raise a false hindu pride which caters to upper castes, cause communal tension in india & create the situation of a civill war. If that happens an upper caste dominated indian army will take over & restore the rule of Brahminical classes in India. All Dalits, OBC & Minorities should guard against these conspiracy which want to take india into dark vedic era when Dalits & other backward castes were treated inhumanly & tiny minority of Brahminical classes were ruling india..

    • I could have answered in a lengthy post but won’t waste my energy on you, a simple advice GET FACTS.

    • anand r says:

      Are you a brahmin? Parshuram was a brahmin.
      About your comment, Is this your mentality that S. Swamy wants to rule the dalits? Can you prove it or its just your brain fart?

      Why dont you come forward and solve the corruption issue like Swamy did. Whats your credibility in front of him that you can call this thoughts as Scum?

      Your own thoughts look like a load of scum!

  3. Esoteric says:

    prashuram – Funny,then that Swamy is against birth based caste system if he is for imposing a Brahman driven on India. Why are you against all Hindus being united? Think about it.

  4. prashuram says:

    dear gupta & dear nationalizer your favorite swami is a damn liar, he says caste is not by birth then why did he go to supreme court when TN Govt decided to appoint people of all castes as priest in temples.? Hindutva forces only remember hindu unity when they are loosing power in a democratic set up, fact is Hindus never accepted dalits & tribals as part of hindu society & kept them out of the Varna system while other backwards were given lowest denomination as Shudras. Just read your manu samirity & tell what it talks about Dalits. In modern era also those who talk about hindus have only the welfare of upper castes in mind.. Why all RSS Sarsanghchalaks are Brahmins till now except for one who was also a Rajput, why no Dalit, tribal or backward got high posts in RSS, Why BJPs house leaders in parliament ere two rootless Brahmins while OBC like kalyan singh & uma bharti were treated badly.. The false chest beating about hindu unity while catering to the interest of Brahminical classes is not going to work in democratic india..

  5. A says:

    Funny people going bonkers over a guy like Swamy… He is used to be Sonia’s pet a few years ago…For all your guesses he might be an INC implant making sure that the minorities vote for INC in all forthcoming elections…

    For starters, This is what swamy had to say about RSS wingers and RSS 10 years ago…..

    • nationalizer says:

      Already read..! RSS is not above criticism,dear friend,unlike your antonio maino..! Real Implants are there n the BJP itself !

      • I would not have wasted my time but as u have quoted Hazrat Mohammad,am compelled to react.why Lord Krishna gave advice to Arjun to fight?U must understand difference between hinduism and hindutva which was propagated by sawarkar after he apologised to britishers.Hindutva derives its inspiration from fascism of Mussolini and Hitler which are well documented.Real terrorism lies with hindutva and best example are demolition of Babri mosque and Gujrat genocide of muslims.No amount of falsification of history will alter the facts my brother.

  6. nationalizer says:

    Dear Ansari,
    1.Lord Krishna adviced Arjuna to fight against those who terrorised Pandavas, who unjustly captured the whole kingdom, without sharing it with his brothers..It was a war, not an act like islamic terrorists.
    2. Really, There is no much difference between what hitler did to jews, and what islam did to Hindus.
    3. Babri Masjid was an unused building, Now the courts say that the land belonged to Hindus. Gujarat riots were unfortunate, but the so called seculars have done many more riots. Islamists did Moplah riots , remember ?

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