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The cancer of India being treated by nature itself

” Although she should live, her chances of complete limb recovery are very slim,” said a doctor treating Rajabala . “Since she is unable to talk yet, it will be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause for her fracture. But it must have been a bad fall as the damage on the neck and spine is severe, the doctor added. Rajbala, the supporter of Baba Ramdev ‘s fast against corruption who was a victim of Delhi police atrocities is still suffering in jail. Our honorable Prime minister called it “unfortunate” but justified it saying there was “no alternative”. Was there no alternative other than beating people at midnight who were nonviolently protesting the corrupt governance of the UPA? Why Blame it on PM, the decision to send the police force was taken after the congress meeting, which was convened in the divine presence of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

The ways Karma are mysterious, Newton put it in perfect words “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Sonia is now in US, not for holidaying, not to manage her Swiss accounts worth Billions, but to undergo a surgery in a cancer institute. Finally the nature is treating the cancer of India! Everyone has the right to privacy, so has Sonia Gandhi, but so had Sai Baba, The main stream media conducted a debate on whether Sai Baba was a real or Fake Baba the next day after his demise. So is when Ramdev Baba was seriously ill after his fast for a public cause, media were calling him names. The same media and elite journos teaching decency to the people of India who refuse to sympathise with the condition of Sonia maino.

In Ramayana, Lord Rama feels hesitant to kill Tataka ,then Vishwamithra says “Do not hesitate to destroy her on the ground that it is against Kshatriya dharma to kill a woman”. The gender, caste, nothing matters when it comes to annihilation of Adharma. There were people who advised me not to be so harsh because Sonia is a woman. To those I only want to quote this beautiful part from Ramayana.



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