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Anna : A nationalist perspective

It is more than a week now, The nation as a whole is talking about Anna, not the Hindi word for rice, but about a man who has started a Gandhian fight against corruption. The man called Anna Hazare is said to be googled more than the “King khan” of Bollywood these days. The Congress government at the centre is really at a great confusion on how to deal with the mass support for the movement. But it has been successful in creating many confusions and introducing minority politics to disturb the movement, Latest being the VandeMataram controversy. This has made nationalists doubt the credibility of the entire “I am anna campaign”.

Let us be clear about one thing, we all are against corruption, and support the democratic and peacefull fight against corruption and this corrupt government. We do support the cause for which Anna is there and respect his patriotism which he express through his deeds and words. So are the crowds assembled there are very patriotic .But the team Anna,with the exception of Kiran Bedi and Aravind Kejrewal ,are the natural suspects in the eyes of nationalists. Agnivesh, a well-known Maoist sympathizer, and a separatist agent, is part of team Anna,so is Prashanth Bhushan who want Afzal guru to be granted mercy. These two are the main obstacles which a nationalist and patriotic citizen feel when they try to support this movement. There are several other factors as follows.

  • The dynasty factor.
  • The disassociation with RSS.
  • Minority appeasement
  • The JanLokPal Bill

The dynasty factor

“Tryst with destiny” is what Nehru said when India got freedom. Some people joke that it was not “destiny” but “dynasty” which Nehru meant. The Nehru family is ruling India for more than five decades, directly or indirectly. The latest being Sonia Gandhi who is ruling through Man Mohan Singh. Sonia Gandhi, in addition to her foreign birth issue, has many corruption charges against her, which is suppressed by the main stream media. The main difference between the Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev movement is that the former is not exposing the loot by dynasty and the latter did. And that explains why government lathi charged BabaRamdev movement, and government trying for a compromise with Anna. Though there is no anti dynasty stance on the stage, the ground reality seems to be different. Many people raise anti dynasty slogans, which media successfully hide. This gives hope that the people who are the core of this movement cannot be ‘bought’ by the dynasty.

The disassociation with RSS

Prashanth Bhushan says they have “no links with RSS or any other communal and tainted organisations.” Prashanth himself is a lawyer and a son of an eminent lawyer. No organization is hundred percent holy, but what is RSS accused of ? It was banned thrice by the government, but courts made it withdraw the ban. All the allegations against RSS were either false or it is not yet proved. Why club them with islamist organisations who are held responsible for many anti national activities ? The likes of Prashant bhushan is himself tainted because of their pro mao , pro separatists stand. So such a statement coming from Prashant Bhushan is hypocracy to say the least. RSS is indeed supporting the movement, and instead of acknowledging the support,the Anna team seems to insult it. This cannot be tolerated and is to be condemned.

Minority appeasement

Vande Mataram controversy is not a new found one, it has become an issue once again. The Imam Bhukari of Jumma masjid asked muslims to stay away from the movement because “VandeMataram ” and”Bharatmata ki Jai” is chanted there. What is worse, instead of ignoring these remarks, Kiran Bedi went to meet him to discuss the issue. This has not only insulted the nationalists, but also the patriotic muslims who had no problem with singing our national song. It is worth to remember that during Anna’s april fast, there was a Bharatmata picture at the back ground, which was removed due to secular pressure and now it is replaced by Gandhi. Now in order to get the support from a bunch of anti nationals,will Kiran Bedi advice anna to stop shouting “VandeMataram”.? Already Namaz and iftar party is on the stage now, so it is likely that the worst we fear will happen.

The Jan Lok Pal bill

The objective of this entire fast seems to be The JanLokPal bill only, but we need to think whether passing of this bill will solve the entire problem of corruption. Baba Ramdev concentrated on bringing back blackmoney which will inturn expose the looters(most importantly the dynasty family) and also will give a giant boost to Indian economy. A lokpal is a must,but anna should have been more practical.

Whatever be the drawbacks,of the team Anna, we keep the faith on the crowd present there, especially the youth who are on a mission to destroy the corruption. So let us wait and see…


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