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If not Death penalty, then what ?

The Supreme Court of India ruled in 1983 that the death penalty should be imposed only in “the rarest of rare cases.” Capital crimes are murder, gang robbery with murder, abetting the suicide of a child or insane person, waging war against the nation, and abetting mutiny by a member of the armed forces. Official records states that about 52 criminals were executed in India. And Yet more interesting fact is that since 1995 there has been only one execution and that was of Dhananjoy_Chatterjee in 2004. But no media made it into an issue, and he was executed without any Halla Bol for the crime he had committed. But what prevents the state from executing RajivGandhi assassins, Afzal and Kasab ? It is obvious that it is separatist-minority politics of the ruling party that prevents them from ensuring the justice to prevail. Recently we saw a huge uproar in media, when the execution date of RajivGandhi killers was announced. The Tamil nadu assembly passed a resolution which states : for Tamil sentiment the three conspirators in Rajiv killing be let off! The Jammu Kashmir CM and the Govt of Punjab were not late to join the chorus as Bhullar and Afzal Guru are from their respective state. Tommorow when we are about to Hang Kasab, don’t know who will shout for Him ?

The interesting fact is that, these state Govts and political parties and the media do not have any problem when a nonpolitical and a non-religious man is executed. It is evident from the case of Dhananjoy whose name public did not even hear. So where are we heading to ? People like kasab will kill hundreds of Indians and we will feed them with Biryani. It is outrageous that Indian Government was spending Rs 2 lakh per day for Kasab , while a considerable percentage of India’s population earn less than 20 rupees per day. Kasab demanding Mutton Biriyani and Basmathi rise in the jail , while the poor do not get meals more than once a day . The Afzal case is also not too different, recently we heard that He welcomed Tihar jail Suprident to Islam. Are we too foolish as a nation?

The most celebrated cases were, that of Afzal and hope Kasab will also increase media TRP’s within a decade. The mercy petitions which are sent to presidents do not get cleared by home ministry, and hence the executions are delayed and justice is denied for the victims. The RajivGandhi killers, afzal, Bhullar and kasab are punished for Waging war against the nation? If a nation cannot punish people who did heinous acts against its own people, what sort of republic are we ?

The human right activists seem to be more concerned about a Bunch of criminals more than that of billions of other Humans. One of their most Hilarious argument is that their life in jail will make them more suffer than awarding them instant death. The terrorist who come to wage war against India do not even wish to live, their only wish is to kill kafirs and get jannath . In fact they might be surprised to see the jannath in India’s jails, where they get whatever they need to eat, read and live. So this is a lame and irresponsible comment made by the human right activists. They need to be more concerned about people who suffer in jail, some even without any trial.

So if death penalty is not the punishment that can be given to the terrorists and anti nationals who kill hundreds in the name of political ideology/religion, that too in a terror prone country like India, what can be done ? All those who are having such Humane ideas, will have to answer these questions and satisfy their consciousness

  • Do you want the government to waste millions of taxpayers’ money to give the terrorist food and security?

  • Do you want them to be freed after their heavenly life in Jails?

  • Do you want to see another Kandahar episode when a plane full of innocent passengers will be hijacked and we will be forced to let off a dreaded terrorist who will later sponsor jihad against India ?

  • Do you think these terrorists who killed many among us are suffering half the pain our freedom fighters suffered while in Jails?

  • Do you think there is a chance that these terrorists who boast about the terror acts they did, are innocent? If yes, don’t you believe in Indian Judiciary at all?

  • Do you even think whether these terrorists are humans?

Every media, political party and religion have their own reasons and agendas , but it is high time we realize that if these terrorists are not disposed off at the earliest, we are the ones who will have to suffer. Terrorists are not humans, and deserve no humane treatment. The terrorists are brainwashed and no books and laws or sufferings can correct them, world will be much better place if at least a few terrorists are sent out to the places where they wished they will go after committing such heinous acts.


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