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Breaking Indian Dance

Breaking India, the book which I am reading presently is a must read for all India/Hindu loving people. Many evangelistic/western/Islamic strategies to Break India are thoroughly exposed by the author through this book. The first half of the book which I am presently reading deals with how British with the help of evangelists divided Indians/Hindus on the basis of caste and race. How Hindu texts and languages are approximated to Christian beliefs and those which cannot be approximated were rejected as Brahmin – Aryan conspiracy. The discussion of Bharathanatyam, a Hindu spiritual dance form in the book is very interesting and revealing.

Rajiv Malhotra writes “in early seventeenth century the evangelists and missionaries made scathing attacks on the Indian classical dance forms,” but recently they have developed a sort of love towards the Bharathanatyam and are on a mission to Christianize it. The book talks about a Rani David and following excerpts are from her website.

What is an Evangelist doing with Bharathanatyam ?

  • I admired Mr. David Rajan’s evangelistic work in Poonthandalam; my role model was also Rev. George of Kalaikaveri who built a huge arts college in Trichy for the poor and outcastes.
  • Thanks to Pastor Franklin David and his wife Elizabeth for conducting the ‘boomi poojai’ the land dedication. * Mr. David Rajan’s team is helping build a brick-grill compound wall. *
  • Proudly belongs to The Thomas Family of 117 immediate members in USA and Canada
  • 18 years in INTELSAT; 2 years temped at World Bank; 13 years with Seventh-day Adventist organization, including teaching in Pondicherry after college at age 19, and working for Christian Children’s Fund, Balamandir Orphanages



She quotes some verses from Bible to show the “Christian connection” with Bharathanatyam,

2 Comments on “Breaking Indian Dance”

  1. Christianizing Bharatanatyam…inculturation as a public program to infiltrate Hindus by deception; aided and abetted by colonized Hindus of Houston

    “To understand the syndrome we are dealing with, it is important to first understand the strategy known as inculturation and its colonizing influences upon a growing number of Indian dancers. What this dancer feels is precisely the result of inculturation – namely, to de-Hinduize the tradition in such a manner that it is welcomed by the practitioners who begin to see this shift as a kind of modernization and globalization program. The first stage is to diminish the dharmic metaphysical context by emptying the symbols of their deeper meanings, and this gets gradually secularized and eventually Christianized” – Rajiv Malhotra, author of BREAKING INDIA and BEING DIFFERENT

  2. Maj Srikanth says:

    I too have started reading the book. And i feel that RSS should be more media savvy in what it is and it isn’t doing. Thank you for the article.

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