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A Friday afternoon

One Friday afternoon, Exactly on 16-9-2011, one journalist Ravi Shankar Etteth tweeted,

When we read his tweets, other than the word “F ckers” used, there is nothing absolutely Abusive, as far as viewing from Indian perspective. But two other journo, Infamous for her tapes in #Radiagate controversy, and famous Group editor of NDTV, and another cnnibn journo caught his tweets and started making a great buzz in their circles. They complain to Prabhu Chawla, the editor of NewIndianExpress, where Ravi Shankar Etteth writes Sunday coloumns.

Barkha Expresses outrage through her tweets

@reshii i have tweeted prabhuchawla to ask his view since the chap in question represents his paper.

@prabhuchawla Sir im curious to know whether you endorse the language and content of your editor’s tweets, as pointed put by @Raheelk

@Raheelk should tweet his comments to @prabhuchawla and ask him if he approves.

@Raheelk @Razarumi whats truly horrific is that this chap manages a newspaper. What a thought.

@Raheelk and do you see anyone discussing his “ethics”. Disgusting. and thats an understatement.

But to their disappointment Prabhu Chawla did not interfere into Ravi’s personal opinion, Rather he seems to have sensed the real moral anger which is the source of Ravi’s tweet. He says

 @manishrajora @etteth No. I don’t support his view. Barring few misguided exceptions Kashmiris are as much Indians as all of us are.

@mareekuree @BDUTT @Raheelk. He is right. Let us restore secularism in Kashmir by bringing back KPs with full protection.

@SaqibReports @Raheelk @etteth He is speaking for himself and not for the organisation. He enjoys freedom of expression like all of you do


So the role of Prabhu Chawla ends there, and here is where the tweeple starts pouring in….which makes the whole fight Hillarious..

If tweets on Kashmir hurt Barkha , there were another set of tweets which seems to have hit where it should hit, and I think Barkha was waiting for something to hit him back, but it boomeranged .Just read

To which later Barkha replies… just go through this Hillarious conversation

BARKHA : @mohnishpatel oh i dont give a toss about @etteth comments about me or Nidhi. But his hate speech on Kashmir is just thatRAVI : @BDUTT @mohnishpatel Who is Nidhi?

BARKHA : @etteth the woman you accused of “making omar’s bed” apparently. such fine language. we are impressed.(The fact is RAVI did not know much about Nidhi, But Barkha REVEALS who is NIDHI)

RAVI: @BDUTT @mohnishpatel I havent accused anyone. So you know who makes Omar’s bed? How do you know that? Hmmm…

   Some of Ravi’s EPIC tweets…

At the end of the day , what we gained is a Good laugh and also a good journo, who thinks like us, who loves our country like us..

One more reason for the nationalists to trust him , an article by RaviShankar : Indian spring and the colour saffron


10 Comments on “A Friday afternoon”

  1. Abhishek Verma says:

    Nice compilation, I was the ‘TweetWitness’ though 🙂

  2. anand r says:

    Thanks, all the tweets in one place. Great read..
    >dont give a toss about @etteth comments about me or Nidhi

  3. naresh says:

    NDTV,CNN IBN7 ,TOI media arms of NEhruvians(commie/congis) gag voice of all victims of Neruvians like 1947 refugees,1984 Sikh genocide ,Kashmiri Pundits cleansing while weeping day and night on post Godhra mass frenzy.This frustration is sequel to it!

  4. daringdeepa says:

    NDTV n CNN IBN should telecast it…

  5. epic convos today haha!!! nice to document them bro 😉

  6. @Great_Gujarati says:

    haaaaaa, nice treat it was ! some journos have definitely got balls

  7. Excellent tweet and well chronicled. It is a requirement to audit these so called high and elite journos. Without any provocation, Barkha has put words in the mouth of public by saying that Nidhi Razdan is indeed making the bed of Omar Abdullah!!! Hahahahah

  8. Anonymous says:

    These so-called journalists are loosing the battle on social media. Unfortunate (for them) that their ‘target audience’ is most active on social media and is thoroughly enjoying the ‘public lashing’ of these celeb-thugs.

  9. rohit says:

    Nidhi Razdan is a popular journalist and television personality in India. She is the anchor of NDTV 24×7 news channel that covers debates and discussions. She started her career in 1999 and hosted various news events and hosted several television series.

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