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NaMo,the leader India deserves

First, let me wish a very Happy Birthday to the Man – Lion of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi. I congratulate the CM of Gujarat for using the occasion of his B’day to promote peace and harmony in Gujarat. Also I pray to God, to give this man to us, as the Prime Minister of this country. We deserve him and He deserves us as well. Having said this let me come to the topic. Narendra Modi, about whom I have written in the past as well, is a phenomenon. People love him for many reasons, some other people hate him for many other reasons, but that defines a leader. A leader will have a mass following, but also he will be enemy to some jealous people, and Narendra Modi is thus fit to be called a leader. He is the king of Gujarat for 10 years now, and will shortly expand his territories. But I am not here to praise Modi, but to examine some criticism against him, especially the ghost of Godhra.

 “Some riots took place in the country following the murder of Indiraji. We know the people were very angry and for a few days it seemed that India had been shaken. But, when a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake a little.” It was late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who had said this justifying the congress goons who went on a rampage, and killed thousands of Sikhs.But in 2004, another Prime Minister of congress, who is a Sikh himself, said I have no hesitation in apologizing to the Sikh community. I apologize not only to the Sikh community, but to the whole Indian nation because what took place in 1984 is the negation of the concept of nationhood enshrined in our Constitution.” So after 20 long years, the Prime Minister of this country on behalf of Congress government apologized to the Sikh community. The congress boast about this as if they has done a great sacrifice by apologizing, but they do not realize, the trap they have put themselves into. As most of the media houses do act like congress spokespersons, congress has managed to escape from this trap.

When you apologise, it naturally means you have accepted the guilt. When doing it after 20 years, it means, you did it because you have no other go. When someone else apologizes on behalf of the mistake you had committed, it speaks volumes about your arrogance, and finally when a one of the Victims of your action apologises on behalf of you, it is nothing but a joke. Congress did the same; Two thousand Sikhs were killed when two members of a community killed their prime minister that prime minister’s son justified the riot and became a prime minister, and another prime minister (who is a Sikh himself ) after Two decades apologized for it. Congress kills and makes a joke about it.

The reason for quoting 1984 is to warn BJP and particularly MODI, not to do the mistake congress had committed. The congress enjoys the mass media support; they will twist sentences as they wish. But BjP cannot escape the eyes of media who will even twist the statements which is not even said. One of such sentences which was fabricated by media is this “Modi said: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Many have earned a living by quoting this; some even became eminent journalists and columnists by writing articles about this particular quote attributed to Narendra Modi. But no one enquired; no one was bothered to know what Modi had said actually as a response to the riots.Let me put it very briefly (detailed article can be read here). This quote of Modi first seems to have appeared like this “Asked about the violence, Modi quoted Newton’s third law – ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ – to virtually justify what is happening. — The Times of India, March 3, 2002.” But TOI cleverly suppressed the later part of his statement, what Modi said was “Kriya pratikriya ki chain chal rahi hai. Hum chahate hain ki na kriya ho aur na pratikriya (“.There is a chain of action-reaction going on. We wish that neither there be ‘action’ nor ‘reaction'”].

So it was a big Lie propagated by self-approved secularists and media, attributing the quote of newton’s law to Narendra Modi. Now the question of apology does not arise at all. Why should a chief minister apologise for what a mob did, because he never justified it, nor asked the mob to go on a rampage. The media even after ten years, also knowing the fact that Gujarat is developing under Modi, knowing that he is an able administer, is demanding an apology from him. There is a conspiracy to misquote him too… Just read on…

Famous CNNIBN journalist tweets: “Modi expresses sadness for lives lost in riots in 02. C’mon Mr. Modi, go a step further. Reach out to Gujarat’s Muslims: say you feel their pain ” in reaction to second open letter by Narendra Modi. Now see what this new propaganda has achieved. 1) It says Modi did not express sadness till now, and now he is doing so because he eyes for the top job 2) Confuses the Hindu nationalists about credibility of Narendra Modi. With (1) media reduces Modi to just another opportunist politician and with (2) it create a divide among Modi’s natural voters. The fact remains Narendra Modi has not apologized, not expressed any remorse yet, and hope he will never commit such mistake, because if ever he does so, the next better step for him will be a political sanyas. On the other hand Modi has expressed sadness about the lives lost, in 2002 riots several times in the past as well. But media and congress want Narendra Modi to apologise exclusively to Muslims.

Narendra Modi is doing an excellent work as the CEO of Gujarat. Am a resident of nowhere near Gujarat, nor I have visited that state, nor I have met Narendra Modi, nor does I am able to see any media reporting about development happening in Gujarat, but then why I believe Gujarat is developing ? I have a relative who visited Gujarat recently; he is secular in its right definition and a critic of BJP’s Hindutva and even nationalism as such. When I met him after his Gujarat visit, first thing he told was “Your Narendra Modi is simply fabulous, there is zero tolerance to corruption in Gujarat, and also roads are extra ordinary, wonder whether it is an Indian state“. Another friend of mine says “The present Generation of Gujarat do not know what power cut is, if at all there is some power failure due to falling of trees on electric lines, humko kuch ajeeb sa lagtha hai“. Another nationalist friend says “Gujarat Govt has banned conversions and cow slaughter”. I hope I am not supposed to disbelieve what my friends says,and that makes me think Modi can make this Bharath a Ram Rajya ,where all the citizens are equally treated without looking at what religion he/she belongs.

It was interesting Narendra Modi said this “The Prime Minister in his speech from Red Fort while addressing the nation said… Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians. Cannot he simply say my countrymen…?. Our country is secular and the congress is dividing people as Hindus , Muslims etc in the name of secularism. This is actually pseudo secular vote bank politics. I have always noted how Narendra Modi starts his speech with bhayiyon or behnom, which is all inclusive. He always say saade panch crore Gujarathis, which includes all sections of people. Narendra Modi is fortunately or unfortunately trapped in the image of messiah of Hindus. There is no hate speech which you can hear from him, nor can you dig out any. But the congress have corrupted idea secularism as another form of communalism, appeasement of Muslim vote bank, and in that definition of secularism, it is lucky for us that Narendra Modi is called not secular. We have the likes of Bandukwala who says “I would like to invite Narendra Modi to give me one name in Gujarat or in country who can take oath on the name of Allah that Modi was innocent in 2002″ .For them we can only show the Muslims shouting VandeMataram and Bharatmata ki jai and even NarendraModi ki jai in Gujarat university hall today.

As I write this on the occasion of his birthday and sadbhavana mission initiative, I was also hearing his speech, and I would like to end this post by quoting him what I am hearing now.. “60 साल तक वोट बैंक की राजनीति होती रही। उससे जो नुकसान हुआ है वो हम सबने भुगता है। वोटबैंक की राजनीति ने देश को बर्बाद कर दिया है। मेरा सद्भावना मिशन वोटबैंक की राजनीति के अंत की शुरुआत है। वोट बैंक की राजनीति को मृत्यूदंड ही इस सद्भावना उपवास का उद्देश्य है।


3 Comments on “NaMo,the leader India deserves”

  1. raj says:

    1>nice article .that apology part of manmohansingh must be progressed in twitter and in media if possible.
    2>MAIN POINT:a congressi was killed ,and it started 1984 sikh riots ?so its obvious it was congressis reaction to congresi pm getting killed, why wd a hindu get provoked if a congressi gets killed ? that to one who had almost killed democracy. remember it was not hindus kiling which started the riots of 84.. but killing of 58 hindu karsevaks started 2002 riots. and 14 districts were under curfew in 2002 riots and many hindus fell for bullets of police in 2002..whereas none in 84 .
    3>how can sickulars/media men accept award of rajiv gandhi communal harmony awards and still say modi is communal. time we asked what kind of system is this which allows communal harmony awards in the name of a communal ?

    via @straighthindu

  2. Dp Toshniwal says:

    pseudo secular :- MEANS a person who is hard core communal, but want to hide his real intents for his benefits, it maybe political or economical, may be related to his profession; or it may be his professional compulsion., this should have been the meaning of the world in dictionaries with examples of some of biased corporate media Journos &anchors of electronic media. THEY COOK THEIR BREAD ON THE FUNERAL FIRE OF MASS innoncent people. .TO hide his own idenity such a secular will call others communal.In a dayof 24hours, such secular will utter communalism atleast 4/5 times .such secular will also questionthe upbringing of others to hide his own upbringing & relations with violence creators or violence sympathesizers.
    soon the word secular will mean hard core communal (atleast this is what we see inour day to day practical life.(exceptions maybe)
    so the secular who are making such a hue & cry over Gujrat riots are the those who supported the violence , & still supports or sympthesize with it.Since last 10 years or so, they had not been able to create more violence win a inhuman manner, so in desperation may speak otherwise to create a fiasco,but5 now most citizen understand it.& call it in a Indian tone “khisayani billi khamba noche”
    Now to whom the above comments bemongs to , people will understand.

    Development only comes when basics of good governance are there, one is positive intention & another is positive attitude, & with both of it a man can’t be a communal or a pseudo secular.Actually it can’t be.plain & simple. A pseudo secular & communal will not even speak of good governance, rather will always speak of danger of communalism, to appease hardcore commoals.& will allow communals to play the dirty tricks.

  3. Ashok, as usual, an inspiring and patriotic blog.

    Our nation is gripped with the cancer called Congress and is becoming contagious with its financed, funded and dictated Main Stream Media. Using these tools, they are sweating it out to tarnish the democratic infrastructure our Nation is built strongly upon. They were, I must say, succeeding in their attempt to a large extent until a reversal of fortune began to happen from 2008 onwards when scams after scams began haunting them, implicating them and exposing them. Their lack of governance augmented by their incapability to safeguard its citizens from terrorist attacks began to dawn upon the general public a reality, a guilt at the humongous folly they had committed by way of entrusting their faith and reposing their trust in the Congress Led government for yet another term, a folly they scratch walls with guilt now.

    CON is and has been observing this reversal of fortune and has been fighting tooth and nail to salvage their decreasing pride and honor someway or the other. The most competent and rather easy way to bring about a deterrent in the mindset of the general public is to communalize it under a Hindu / Muslim divide, a divide Congress are masters of from days immemorial and as is their eternal legacy. This divide and rule policy has seen them cut and bruise the nation for the past 60 odd years incessantly.

    A savior in the name of Narendra Modi has suddenly emerged, a savior Congress finds too big to handle, too huge to confront, too intelligent to engage and too popular to oppose outrightly. The general public, finding the positive aspects of Narendra Modi too encouraging to ignore has begun to fall into his stride, his vision. The Center under Congress is beginning to waiver, their foundation has already been corroded. All dirty tricks are being played by them to somehow come up with a fickle of reason that could implicate Narendra Modi the way they can utilize. Unfortunately right from the Supreme Court, there has been nothing worthy of question that could tarnish the clean image of Narendra Modi. The Congress funded Main Stream Media has concocted and schemed indisputable methods of tarnishing Narendra Modi’s reputation. MSM contributed by editing his speeches to suit their intention and broadcasting it with incessant repetition. Congress added the required salt and pepper over it to authenticate it. However much these two forces tried to tarnish and bruise his image, Narendra Modi has come out of it pure and clean, just like walking out a agni pariksha. And currently, Narendra Modi with his Sadbhavna Mission has totally gone beyond the reach of the might of Congress and MSM. Any sinister ploy they concoct to tarnish Narendra Modi again will only backfire on them, just as is the current fasting undertaken by Shanker Singh Vagela, making it more of a comic drama than anything else.

    Three vital aspects we have to undertake here, as highlighted brilliantly by you, is (1) highlight through Twitter the full text of the speech Narendra Modi told TOI post Godhra riots and (2) the address of PM Singh to the Nation diving them by religion rather than countrymen and (3) propagate to our BJPonline forum to somehow appraise Narendra Modi not to apologize to the nation for the Godhra riots. No doubt, Narendra Modi is too smart to commit to such a folly, however, in the interest of reassurance we could also write to him and the BJP forum, to Tarun Vijay, to Smiriti Irani, to Vani Tripathi, to Sushma Swaraj etc. to appraise Narendra Modi to be cautious.

    A very nationalistic blog true to your handle..:-) Well done Sire!

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