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The Cow and Congress

Gujarat government under Narendra Modi today introduced a bill which ensures a seven-year jail term for cow slaughter instead of six months as at present. The bill was passed unopposed on second day of two-day monsoon session of Gujarat assembly today with Congress extending support to it.”
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What interested me is not the news; particularly BJP tries to ban cow slaughter in all the states where they have government. But the words unopposed and congress extending support to it surprised me.I did a little Googling on this and found these facts..

SC upholds Gujarat cow slaughter ban (2005)

“In a significant verdict, the Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the 1994 ban imposed on cow slaughter by the then Congress government in Gujarat.”

So it was congress who was first to ban the slaughtering of cows in Gujarat. This “love” for cows do not stop there..

Vaghela for cheaper petrol,stringent law protecting cow (2011)

“Similarly we will bring stringent law for cow/buffalo protection. Any vehicle and person involved in bovine trafficking meant for slaughter will stay in jail for a year and his vehicle used in illegal trafficking will also remain seized for a year long time,” Vaghela said.

So Gujarat Congress has always supported ban on cow slaughter, and they are even supporting the “maut ka saudagar” in this….!

Let us Google outside Gujarat.


Cow slaughter ban bill passed in Karnataka Assembly

After more than a four-hour debate, the Cow slaughter ban Bill was passed by voice-vote as the entire opposition — Congress and JDS — trooped into the well of the House and shouted anti-government slogans, branding the BJP government “communal”. Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah, who termed the legislation “draconian”, “anti-secular” and “unconstitutional” tore a copy of the Bill and threw it in the air.

So much anger? In Karnataka , the ban on cow slaughtering is anti-secular, draconian, unconstitutional etc….

Madhya Pradesh

Some quotes on cow slaughter

No person could kill cows, nor get them killed. No person could hand over cows for slaughter, nor could get it done by others. If found guilty, such persons will be awarded three years’ imprisonment and will have to pay a fine of up to Rs 10,000 or be awarded both,” a government (uma Bharathi BJP ) release said.

“The Congress banned cow slaughter in Madhya Pradesh way back in 1959. In fact, 18 states banned cow slaughter under Congress rule. “: Digvijay Singh

But it seems now the central Government have some confusions regarding to support this or not…

The state BJP government has agreed to reduce the jail term for cow slaughter to seven years from the proposed 10 years after the Central government said it was too harsh.

So congress is at present, in a confused position on cow slaughter ban in Madhya Pradesh..

So we have three congress in India, one who support slaughter of cows, second which support the ban of slaughter of cows and third which is confused about “to ban or not to ban“.

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