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Hate begets hate



“Digvijay Singh on Thursday approached the Delhi Police with a complaint against the hate mail, objectionable pictures and abusive comments posted against him on social networking sites. He named 22 people and eight websites. Sources said some people have used “defamatory language against Singh or have posted phrases talking about his character”. In his complaint, Digvijay Singh said the content on the internet has caused “acute mental pain and agony to him, his family members, friends and colleagues. The same is also causing grave damage and injury to the reputation, goodwill and image of the Congress”.

This was reported by Times of India, in their website, what was hilarious to see was the same article which reported this news was welcomed by the readers with more and more abuses which Digvijaya would have never seen in the websites which he complained it caused “acute mental pain and agony”. Will quote some of the abuses, here to just let you know how people hate Digvijaya.

One said “if large number of public write against this Digvijay singh then they is something wrong with this fellow. This guy should resign from his post” while another said “Doggy now you know where you stand so do not bark next especially against Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. If you bark you will get more hate mails.” A girl joked “Breaking News: – Animal Rights Activists are planning to file a case against hundreds of times of India viewers for insulting animals like dog and pig by calling them diggy, digvijay, etc.”. Another guy said “Diggy should file a complaint against the internet”. These were a few of 500 comments, which got published in TOI website. Please note that I only quoted a few not so abusive comments. I am sure,if he happens to see this, the already mentally pained Digvijaya will get a acute heart pain too. If this was how people responded to the TOI, the hate against Digvijay does not stop there too. Just see for yourself by typing “Digvijaya Singh is a” and wait for Google to fill it. Then you will get results like “Digvijaya Singh is a dog/pig/b@$ “.

Digvijay Singh is not the only hated man in the virtual world. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are also hated by Hindutva circles in Internet, so is Narendra Modi hated in Islamic and secular circles. But fortunately and unfortunately, in twitter and other social networking sites the former dominates. Hindutva people, or to put it in Sagarika Ghose’s words “tweeters controlled from Nagpur” and “Internet Hindus”, have every reasons to hate, although the use of abusing language is a subject of another debate. The same journalist in the past has argued for regulating and monitoring these “Internet Hindus”. It is to be noted that Digvijaya Singh came to know about the abuses hurled at him only after he joined twitter, and the question is who introduced him to twitter ; the same journalist who see a threat in “Hindu Terrorism” like Digvijay.

Why is Digvijaya so much hated among Hindutva circles ? The reasons are obvious, his wild allegations against RSS, calling Mumbai Terror attacks as “RSS ki Sajish”, his foolish rants of calling every Congress critic as RSS agent, Endorsing of Rahul Gandhi as future prime minister, his visits to relatives of terrorists who were killed in Batla house encounter to mention a few. Has Digvijaya ever thought what mental agony would have been suffered by the people and organisations who were victims of his baseless allegations. Instead of filing complaints against infinite number of his abusers in the virtual world, he should have sat in a room, interospect about why he is so much hated by people? He very well knows no one needs to further politically malign him, as he has finished the Congress party in the very state where he was once upon a time, the chief minister.

Having said this, I would also like to share, my view that, the internet users, must control their language, because, that only helps the liberal, self-claimed seculars to portray us as “dangerous” “uncultured” and “extremists”. We need to criticize them heavily, no doubt, but there is a lot of difference between abuse and criticism. This is not about freedom of thoughts, because we are living in a country, where criticizing the head of a political party automatically makes you a product of RSS shakas. So every abuses you type, will only help them to defame RSS and the entire Sangh Pariwar, to whom you might have never associated to.


7 Comments on “Hate begets hate”

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  2. being amit says:

    pls stop abusive wrd dere r othr ways of critising sm1 so pls stop dis n stop making RSS n SANGH d target of dese useless fellows n followers of corruption

  3. “grossly offensive, menacing in character and is designed to cause annoyance, insult and injury! “that’s how shree digvijay JI explained Hate Mails !!

    • Anonymous says:

      When ever Diig Vijay Singh openes his mouth-,-he is so grossly offencive,menacing ,annoying,insulting and injurious to millions of minds,ears and eyes.We must all complain to the police.

    • “grossly offensive, menacing in character and is designed to cause annoyance, insult and injury! “this is how millions of people feel about Sri Dig-Vijay Singh.Police! please Help.

  4. Madhusudan Thakkar says:

    He calls Baba Ramdev a THUG and what does he expect in return ? In Hemant Karkare episode he was instrumental in weakening India’s case against “Jihadi” terrorists.

  5. Vijay says:

    Trying to use abusive language on Indian culture by politicians has become a hobby like. They can use any derogatory words like Hindu terrorists, while a Normal Hindu in this country finds it very difficult to survive from he terrorism unleashed against him by the political terrorists who always accuse him/her of being wrong and being a born a Hindu. The so called liberals or secularists who cannot stand infront of the secularism of the Hindu Dharma keeps accusing the Hindu of being a terrorist and a non-secular blood thirsty vampire. The sad truth is the same Hindu gets killed in numerous Islamic terror related attacks but still Islam is called the religion of peace by the so called liberals and so called intellectuals. This must change. No more Hindu will keep quiet. And I’m a proud Hindu. Those who called Hindus terrorists will come to seek our votes, rights. We’ll reply with votes, that’s the way a Hindu consider to retaliate. That’s the culture and ethic of a Hindu. So to all those pseudo secularists, welcome to Hinduism and enjoy the liberalism in it.

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