Why blame Hindus for what happened to Rushdie ?

Hindus are a majority in this country. Ram, Sita, Hanuman, Saraswathi and Bharatmata, is worshipped more in India than Allah, Jesus. A person who belonged to a non-Hindu religion, to be specific a Muslim, drawing vulgar pictures of these adored icons of Hindus would certainly hurt their sentiments. They protested, burned his paintings, filed criminal cases against the painter. The painter ran away because he found the situation in India legally complicated.  And portraying himself as a victim of attack against freedom of expression, he lived in foreign countries and sold his paintings and became a billionaire. He never pleaded or expressed desire to come back to India, even the Indian Govt and the entire media requested him to come back.

India is a communally sensitive country, and being a Muslim himself and drawing offensive pictures against Hindu faith, has the capacity to create riots. However, he started painting Hindu Goddesses nude since 1970, and after that twice he was presented Padma Awards by the respective Secular congress government. A person who hurt the majority sentiments is awarded by the government elected by the same majority.

Now we are here talking about Rushdie, while anti Hindu paintings of MFH were never banned in India, Rajiv Gandhi was first prime minister of any country, to ban Satanic Verses. MFH paintings were for everyone to see, and even he described what he painted, but no one read the book called Satanic Verses. Without reading a book, how come anyone conclude that the contents are blasphemous. Has Rajiv Gandhi read his book, or has the supreme leader of Iran who issued fatwa for Rushdie’s head, read the book?

The Indian media and the secular parties are now dragging MFH controversy to give sanctity to Rushdie haters. Hindus have no relation what so ever to Rushdie. Unlike MFH, Rushdie did not express his hatred against a foreign religion, he wrote something about his own religion. Hindus have no reason to love or hate Rushdie. Rushdie and his publishers suffered many attacks and muslims created riots in many part of the world, and that too without reading what he has written.

Finally, Rajasthan Govt played a dirty game by not allowing Rushdie to come to India, and even forcing the organizers of the art fest to cancel video link. Satanic Verses is banned in India, or say import of the book is banned in India, but the author of the book, who is of Indian origin, cannot be stopped from entering this country under any law ? Hindus must remember, the double standards of the congress party, which gave high civilian honours to a Hindu abuser, but stopped even the virtutal presence of rushdie. And for all these hooliganism by muslim fanatics, Hindus are being blamed. When will this kolaveri end?

To conclude, MFH also should have come back to India, and faced the court cases, he ran away like a coward, and the same Indian media made him a hero because he ran away? The same people are blaming Hindus for what happens to Rushdie.

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