TIME 100 Poll : Dirty games by Modi Haters.

Many might not have noticed these stats under Narendra Modi’s image, He has got about 96,000 Likes, about 1500 people directly shared this page from this website, and a thousand others were tweeting about this Poll the whole day. The speciality of FB likes is that, we can like something only once, with our FB account. So we can say, about 96000 have liked @narendramodi and have voted him.

But what about negative voters ? Yes, some Jihadis and sickular extremists who play the politics of hate,had widely campaigned against MODI. Their campaign started the same day when the pro Modi campaign started, But until midnight of 5th April, the Yes to No ratio was 70:30. For three days upto 5th of april, this ratio was same, But during the night of April 5th, some anonymous seems to have helped them.

“Anonymous” is a hacker group, and they were also included in TIME 100 list. Till april 5, they were out of Top 10 and before noon, they came to First position. Obviously, the hackers hacked the poll. But story does not end there..

Both Erik Martin and Anonymous who have got close to NarendraModi’s positive votes have got very less LIKES. More the number of likes means more the number of shares means more the number of votes. But here it went just the opposite. Erik Martin with 2000 likes got more votes than Narendra Modi with 96000 likes. How do you explain this ?

The “Anonymus” votes rose from about 80,000 to 3,90,00 in a single day(april 6), while Modi’s negative votes increased from 90ooo to 266684.That means about 2 Lakh votes which were polled(or hacked?) in favour of anonymus was also polled against Narendra Modi. Does it bring light to your brain ?


I never though Narendra Modi will make it to top 3, but I was sure he will be in the top 10 taking into consideration his mass internet followings. I also knew there will be negative campaigning also, but never thought they will play a dirty anonymous game in the end. Let the TIME decide what happens to whom ?

10 thoughts on “TIME 100 Poll : Dirty games by Modi Haters.

  1. Its a well know fact in U.S “Anonymous” is no more pro-freedom and justice but now become a CIA front group.

  2. Time wud lose all its sibscriptions amd support if it didnot declare Narendra Modi as Top 100.It is proved by likes in Facebook that matched 96000 agaisnt Anonymous faceless hackers at2000 and erik marting at 1000.so it is needless to say much and declare Narendra Modi as top 100.

    1. so, people from India subscribe to magazines only if they profess servility to narendra modi????no doubt, a land of idiots and day dreamers from the beggining of human history

      1. You bugger… which-ever is your home country… You are an foolish fellow to tell us day-dreamers…
        FYI, Indians are all-over the world and brains of India has given a lot to growth of world in all domain…
        At least we respect other cultures and not bringing out shit out of mouth or hands like you…
        Get lost

      2. With your language, you have proved yourself a bugger and a person whose shit comes from the mouth. So first try some decent language for a debate or else sit in your home quietly.

  3. Narendra Modi does not need any polls or whatsoever. It is a well known fact that we have a Crab mentality and we believe in pulling those who are ahead of us. We don’t have that patience that once the person is out to do something and succeeds, he would help us to get out of our problems too.

  4. 1. Explanation

    Anonymous Operates mainly through IRC networks . So FB/twitter likes makes a plus . Check Anonops irc room there are 10000+ people most of the time and they spread /mobilise support through IRC rooms not social networks

    2. Erik martin is the running the social network called Redit , which is also described as the frontpage of internet . People will be voting ton him mainly through the referals in reddit . Not fb/twitter

    Hope this clarifies

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