Is not Congress-Media-NGO combo responsible for Gujarat Riots 2002 ?

SIT gives clean chit to Modi, the news broke today noon. We all knew it, but we want to hear it from SIT which was independent and under the supervision of Honourable Supreme Court of India. Just like we knew that Modi was innocent, some people like Teesta Setelvad knew he was guilt. But the Law also like we the people, presumes innocence until proven guilty. In legal terminology it is said as “Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat”. But the media, congress and certain NGO have just reversed this maxim and are bent on seeing every one who supports  Modi, his governance and development policies guilty of what they call Gujarat Anti Muslim Pogrom. We all are guilty till Narendra Modi is proven innocent, and the Modi is not innocent even if proven innocent.

We can not allow this hate campaign against a person who is re elected again for his good governance, so this SIT report should stop all these smear campaigning. All these years Media-Congress-NGO combos were asking Narendra Modi to apologise, now it is our chance to ask when they are going to apologize !! They should not only apologize to Narendra Modi but to the whole nation for several reasons.

While going through tweets about SIT report, I noticed an old article from Times Of India , which read as follows

The Congress has been goingto town over Best Bakery and other instances of the Narendra Modi government’s complicity in the anti-Muslim violence which shook Gujarat last year.  But when it comes to the involvement of its own party cadre in the killings, 10 Janpath maintains a deafening silence. Even when confronted by a long-standing ally from the freedom movement days, the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind. According to the JUH, “most Congress corporators” and some Congress leaders of Gujarat had actively participated in last year’s riots.  Mahmood As’ad Madani, JUH general secretary told The Times of India: “We wrote letters to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, gave a list of Congress leaders involved in the riots, asked her to take action against them but to no avail……………

So there ARE allegations against many CONGRESS corporators and Congress leaders of Gujarat in what they call Anti Muslim Pogrom and till date no action has been taken by the High Command, and media has never debated this angle too.? So taking this allegations into account and also the very well known fact that Mehmud H Kalota, Salim A G Sheikh, Abdul R A M Ghantia, Farroukh Bhana and Haji Bilal(convicts in Godhra Train Carnage) were  five Congress members/supporters. can we make some assumptions ? There was a congress HAND in both Godhra Train Burning and Post Godhra Riots. So was it a congress attempt to destabilize the BJP Government in Gujarat ? This may be a mere suspicion, but this gains grounds when you watch how Congress uses this 2002 incident for making electoral benefits.

No one need to teach Congress party how to successfully organize a large scale Genocide/riots, they have proved themselves in Delhi Sikh Genocide, Gujarat Riots of 1969, Nelle Massacre of 1983 and so on… More people from the minority community died during the Congress rules. IS congress playing a double Game now also ? Did they play it in 2002 ? Well, their desperation to somehow nail Narendra Modi proves this point.

The media coverage during 2002 was also something worth investigating. Some editors in chiefs boast about their coverage. But has not it helped the rioters to get a reason to riot ? Media always blamed Modi, campaigned against him, calling him mass murderer and calling his voters effete people. The NGOs were always there for Media to supply ammunition against Modi ?

After years of Investigating, SIT have come up with a conclusion that there is no evidence against Narendra Modi and other accused. Should we trust the SIT which is appointed by SC, or these congress-media-ngo combo who are equally responsible for Gujarat 2002? It is for you to decide, and your decision  will decide whether we Indians get an able administrator, no nonsense leader like Narendra Modi  as the Prime Minister of this Nation. !!

2 thoughts on “Is not Congress-Media-NGO combo responsible for Gujarat Riots 2002 ?

  1. Good one man. I would certainly be happy to hear an apology from the Media Houses, Teestha, Mukul, and Bhatt for calling Narendra Modi Ji all kinds of names. Of course, Narendra Modi Ji would not have lost any sleep after hearing these deluded morons blast their a** off on News Channels. This apology is more to the Nation for lying and cheating them by spreading lies. Narendra Modi Ji is pure as Milk, unadulterated. He does not need any clean chits or an apology from these guys .

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