Make hay while sunshine, Media and Politicos who bashed RSS chief before 6pm, apologised after 6pm.

  1. 1. Just spoke to impeccable top RSS source. Story on Mohanrao Bhagwat’s alleged comment on marriage and role of man/woman total fabrication.
  2. 2. Mohanrao Bhagwat was speaking on differences between Western and Indian concepts of marriage.
  3. 3. Mohanrao Bhagwat pointed out in West marriage is a ‘social contract’. In India it is a ‘sacred institution’.
  4. 4. Mohanrao Bhagwat explained man-woman role per ‘social contract’ and NOT per Indian experience or institution of marriage.
  5. 5. A studio-edited bite has been used by TimesNow and HT to create false impression that Mohanrao Bhagwat spoke in Indian context.
  6. 6. Top RSS source: “The RSS does NOT believe women should stay at home and do household chores.”
  7. 7. There is a concerted move by media to deliberately misquote Mohanrao Bhagwat and shift focus away from real issues that hurt Congress.
  8. 8. Top RSS source: This is a malacious and motivated attack. Media trying to forge anti-RSS discourse by taking recourse to fabrications”.
  9. 9. I am told RSS has pointed out to Arnab Goswami that byte on TimesNow is studio-edited to mislead viewers on what Mohanrao Bhagwat said.
  10. 10. Canard and calumny about RSS nothing new. Old trick of Congress to raise bogey whenever in trouble. Media complicit partner.
  11. Smita Prakash, Journalist from ANI, said this…
  12. @KanchanGupta stringer who edited (can’t verify) or covered only part of the speech(his excuse) has been fired.
  13. Madhu Kishwar, did not jump the gun. She sensed the Twist earlier…
  14. TV channels again caught with egg on face. Took3 line extract refg to marriages in West frm Bhagwat speech & played as his views on marriage
  15. Today when TV channels called me to comment on RSS chief Bhagwat’s comments on marriage, I saved myself major embarrassment by insisting 1\3
  16. 2\3 I insisted on link to full text of Bhagwat’s speech before I comment on it for TV. By afternoon TV channels had to stop hammering him…
  17. 3\4 Channels realised d extract they chose from Bhagwat’s speech was his critique of western marriage, not what marriage should be
  18. 4\4 Important to find facts on my own before shooting on TV attacking this or that. Can’t trust out of context hit &run soundbyte journalism
  19. Kiran Bedi, Before 6PM
  20. Mohan Bhagwat knows nothing of the reality of rural India, retorts Kiran Bedi…
  21. Kiran Bedia , After 6PM
  22. After I heard mr Bhagwat’s speech on Utube. Speech implies Bharat of values. Which respected women.Media needs to amend the impression!
  23. @OyeKuldeep From the speech Bharat for Mr Bhagwat meant value based India not urban rural divide? He has been wrongly understood so far! Txs
  24. @srinipenumaka thanku. Heard. He has been misunderstood. He meant Bharat of values. Needs correction.
  25. Sagarika Ghose, Deputy Editor, CNNIBN, Before 6PM
  26. So will Sushma Swaraj,Nirmala Sitharaman and other talented BJP women now resign their posts and take to full time household chores?
  27. Sagarika Ghose, After 6PM
  28. In fact Bhagwatji was referring to marriages as contracts. Very sorry to Bhagwatji for presuming that his statements were insulting to women
  29. A note of respectful disagreement with Bhagwatji though, IMHO marriages should be a contract, that way they are more equitable.Cheerio folks
  30. Shazia Ilmi (AAP member) , before 6PM
  31. Now what?? All RSS fans will relegate sushma swaraj, Nirmala Seetaraman and BJP women leaders to their respective kitchens!!
  32. @sbanka9 no difference between RSS and taliban! By defending bhagwat you support Taliban!!
  33. Shazia Ilmi, After 6PM.
  34. @88nav a senior journo just confiRmed that M Bhagwat was quoted out of context! He was talking about western marriages. My Apologies!!
  35. Its important that one aplogises instead of defending ones mistake !! Even to those who have chosen to abuse me and lie about my background!
  36. @ajittyagi1805 I just did!! Shd not have believed the channels who twisted facts and misquoted m bhagwats statement. Regrettable indeed!
  37. Diptosh Majumdar, National Editor, DNA has not yet apologised.
  38. There’s nothing surprising about Mohan Bhagwat’s statement. The RSS ensures that BJP will be always more regressive than the Congress.

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