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Now Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN blames Social media for Dhule riots.

  1. First read about how the riots started and police got involved…..
  2. Now read the tweets of Mrs Sagarika Ghose, how she reports it… First she ensured that people know the person who died is from minority community and police is the culprit…
  3. Dhule riots: 24 year old Yunus paralysed after injuries in police firing, 4 other youths dead. Silence in social media?
  4. Then she shifts the blame to social media, and she is targeting Internet Hindus for the riots happened in Dhule
  5. Dhule riots: while we spread religious tensions on the net, on the ground lives are lost because of it. Zero tolerance for bigotry on net!
  6. Again instigating Muslims by spreading victim hood campaign ?
  7. Dhule riots: dy tehsildar believes police shot his son in cold blood.…
  8. Again blames all others, but congress party who is in power in Maharashtra. Imagine the hullaboo if this occurred in a BJP ruled state….
  9. In a country where communal riots continue to lead to loss of life, we must be careful NOT to promote religious divisions in public spaces.

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