Nikhil Wagle, Editor IBN Lokmat says Muslim League was born in 1925, lies RSS is against secularism.

  1. Some of our anchors must spare time to read about history.Rss n muslim league were born in 1925. Pl try to know what happened in last 87yrs.
  2. All-India Muslim League,
    founded in 1906 which, under Muhammad Ali Jinnah, led the demand for
    the partition of India resulting in the creation of Pakistan
  3. Let me ask only 1 question to RSS: do u believe in guru golwalkar’s bunch of thoughts or in indian constitution? U can’t believe in both!
  4. The primary book on which the Sangh is based is Bunch of Thoughts,
    written by second sarsanghchalak of RSS. On secularism it says “if, ‘secularism’ is to mean, as it ought to, not anti-religion but scope and opportunity for every religious persuasion to grow, and restraining of one religion from pouncing upon another,
    then that is undoubtedly in tune with the spirit of Hindu Rashtra.
    Then, the apt word for such a state would be ‘multireligious’ and not
    ‘secular’. “.

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