The Mosquitoes


They come out when the Sun slips into the sea

They storm our homes, they are everywhere we see.

They sit on our hand, leg, neck and head

These mosquitos always suck our blood.

I raised my hand to hit one, it flew away.

It came again, but I missed the hit again.

Once again it came, but this I did not miss

It died; my blood came out from its corpse

I wonder why, it takes so much risk,

To suck my blood, again and again.

Then I understood, my blood is its life giving food

They don’t know, it hurts me when they enjoy their food.

To suck our blood is indeed mosquito’s right

To stop them, we kill them with our might

We can go on talking, who is right or wrong

Ultimately, it is mosquito which has to die.

Strength and Might rule the world we live.

Poor and weak get crushed at times.

This sounds so cruel, but this is the rule

Be strong and bold, or die like a fool.

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