Rama went to the forest

To keep his father’s trust.

He was about to get the throne,

Leaving all aside , he had gone.

Lakshmana was not asked to go,

But he went along with his bro.

To serve him in the forest,

To stay awake, while he rest.

Bharata came to know all this later.

He was supposed to take it over.

“This kingdom belongs to my brother”,

All did advice,but he didn’t bother.

He started all the way to forest.

Met Rama, he tried his level best.

To convince him, then he cried,

But Rama refused to abide .

These great brothers are our ideal.

But look at what happens for real.

Siblings of today even kill each other,

For silly things that make us wonder.

Our mother is earth, Father God.

We all are kids in their abode.

Let’s live our lives for each other,

Silly fights, do not bother.

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