Karkidaka Vavu

Remember your parents who lived a life for a you
To see you talk, to make you walk and run.
Do not forget the stories your grandma told you..
Call to mind your Grandpa who made you learn.

Look back ! Your uncles and aunts, siblings, cousins,
Friends and Teachers, how they helped you grow
Had they not supported you with their life
You wouldn’t have become what you are now

The milk you drank, thanks to cows.
The fruit  you ate, hail the tree.
Recall all those plants and animals
who lived not for them, but for thee.

Thousands of  insects crushed under your feet
Hundreds of people suffered for your mistake
You ruined many lives, knowingly or not,
Apologize now and here, before it is late.

Zillions came for your help in all walks of life.
Today is the day, you should thank all of them.
You can not pay them back for what they gave
Least you can do is to spend a day for them

Your views please...

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