Heart ain’t a balloon

That day you held my hand and we went to temple
I closed my eyes and prayed to the God there
” Please bless my boy, make him strong and able ;
Give him a long life, I pray to you dear”

As I opened my eyes and looked around,
I could not see you anywhere near
My heart stopped for a while, head swirled
“Where is my boy, Where are you dear”.

For Half an hour there I saw the hell on earth
But at last, I could see you standing there
It was very much like I died and got a re birth
You said : I want that red balloon, mother.

Today I came with you, holding your hand,
My prayers to The God were the same as then,
Then I Looked for you, but could not find
and Alas ! You were nowhere to be seen.

I saw the balloon shop, but you are not there
I searched for you around, but in vain
Asked an old lady there, she said: Dear
I am also in search of my dear Son.

Saw hundreds of ladies there taking rest.
I joined them there, but my dear
I know your sorrow when that balloon burst
Do you know the pain when heart breaks

My poem in response to this pathetic news of Children deserting their aged parents at Guruvayoor temple  !!

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