Nehru and Indira recommended themselves for Bharat Ratna ?


I sent this RTI query to Prime Ministers Office on 25th August 2013. Following were the questions..

1. What are the criteria and procedure for Bharat Ratna award
2. Does Prime Minister himself recommend Bharat Ratna awardee to the president.
3. (i)Who got Bharat Ratna in the year 1955 and 1971 respectively, (ii) who recommended their names to the then President of India, and what were the achievements of Bharat Ratna recipients.
4. Has the name of Mahatma Gandhi ever come up vis a vis Bharat Ratna award and if yes,why was it rejected.
5. Is there any law or rules which lays down the conditions and eligibility of recipients of Bharat Ratna award

Today (20th November 2013) I received RTI reply from PMO to question 2,3 and 4. They are as follows

2. Yes

3.  Pt Jawaharlal Nehru and Smt Indira Gandhi got Bharat Ratna in the year 1955 and 1971 respectively. (ii) information sought not available on record.

4. information sought not available on record.

Who recommends Bharat Ratna awardee to President ? PM. Who got it in 1955 and 1971 respectively ? Nehru and Indira. Who recommended their names ? Information sought not available on record.  Obviously it must be the then Prime Ministers who would have recommended the Bharat Ratna awardees. But then who were the prime ministers who recommended Bharat Ratna to Nehru and Indira ? Nehru and Indira themselves. What is more hilarious is that UPA Government does not know what were the achievements of Nehru and Indira that made them recommend themselves for Bharat Ratna ?

6 thoughts on “Nehru and Indira recommended themselves for Bharat Ratna ?

  1. I am sure the author was not curious enough. And given what I know of India , I can understand why this blog is doing rounds. So I will escape what turns in history made this possible but Dr. Rajendra Prasad in his speech made it aptly clear who recommended whom. I shall assume about myself & others that no such effort shall be made to counter the lie. Excerpts from aforementioned Speech of Dr. rajendra Prasad on July 15th , 1955 after return of Pandit Nehru from the grand Europe trip – “In doing so, for once, I may be said to be acting unconstitutionally, as I am taking this step on my own initiative and without any recommendation or advice from my Prime Minister; but I know that my action will be endorsed most enthusiastically…”

    About the contention the author of the blog makes in assuming 5 yr span or 1971 as ridiculously small contributions – he/she has made sure that his/her limits are not just mediocre & indoctrinated sense of curiosity . 1971 carved out a country , gave an insight into what is a just system of treating PoWs , strengthened our positioning against the US bullying – & surprisingly it was also one of the very few moments when the varied confusions around legitimacy , sovereignty ,Human Rights /Religious identities didn’t stop Indira from having the clarity that was needed. AB Vajp. hailed her as Durga after this .

    And as in Nehru’s Case , here too , another gentleman named V V Giri did the lobbying.(

    But I am sure , you still would talk baseless . And so will others.

  2. Ok agreed, Even if one ” believes ” the great speach of Rajendra prasad without “proof”, who recommended Indira gandhi name ? any other similar speech

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