Holier than Thou

Aam Aadmi Party was able to sweep 28 seats of Delhi, and their leader Aravind Kejriwal said “For the first time in the history of India, people have voted for a honest party.” Anyone who hears him will think that his party has been voted to a majority, such was his “Victory” speech. The election results in reality was that BJP getting 31 seats , AAP coming second with 28 seats and CON reducing itself to a single digit, its lowest tally ever.

While I should congratulate Arvind Kejriwal for successfully using an apolitical anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare for a political campaign and self-projection.  It will be outrageous not to credit him for his courage to stand against a chief minister who ruled Delhi for fifteen years and defeating her. But when I say all these, I am really fed up with arrogance and Holier than Thou attitude emanating from him and his supporters.For the first time in the history of India, people voted for a honest party, claims Kejriwal. There are a dozen parties in India which got voted to power and all of them claimed they were honest.  For example NTR got 202 seats out of 289 in Andhra, Telugu Desham party stormed to power within nine months of its formation in the 1983 Assembly elections, thus forming the first non-Congress government in Andhra Pradesh. Assam Gana Parishad is another example of such an anti-Congress wave.  Compared to the achievements of TDP and AGP who rode to power over an anti-congress wave, AAP looks small.

People of all times vote for the party which they think are Honest. They voted for BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and C’Garh because they thought they are honest. When an incumbent party is voted to majority for the second and third time, it is safe to assume that it is because the Government led by it has rose to their expectations. That is why Gujarat, C’Garh and Madhya Pradesh saw BJP coming back to power in the last two assembly elections there.

Arvind Kejriwal said people have rejected Congress and BJP in these elections. It is quite true that the people who voted Congress party for keeping “communal” BJP out of power has voted overwhelmingly to AAP this time. But then had the people of Delhi rejected BJP like they rejected CON, it would not have got 31 seats. Sincere analysis would prove that BJP and AAP together have made people reject CON.

I was quite surprised to see Media focussing on Delhi results which indicate a hung assembly, instead of fantabulous performance by BJP in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Which another party has achieved this feat of getting 80% seats in recent times? But media chose to ignore it because that suited their agenda. Many Marxist friends of mine were quite enthusiastic to commend AAP’s rise in Delhi, and they saw a “Change” in him. But they chose not to see the “Change” in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and C’Garh. So be it.




3 thoughts on “Holier than Thou

  1. Seconding what you said, the statement made was too big for someone who has still not tastesthe fruit of vice called Politics. Plus, the allegations of corruption are as true as those made against Mr Kejriwal himself; they stand unsubstantiated by proofs.

    Plus, had people been so anti BJP, they would not have given them 32 constituencies.

    Even if they don’t come to power, AAP will have a strong role to play as an opposition.

    However, unpredictable as it is, lets wait and watch how things shape up in Delhi and for Mr Kejriwal, the allegedly corrupt party has won with an overwhelming majority elsewhere..

  2. The funniest of the comments from our dear AAP was “people have voted us to sit in the opposition”. I think only in India this sort of logic is used by politicians and apprently, AAP seems to me, not different at all – they are maturing to be a typical political party and what they probably do not realize is that, besides the work of lakhs of their volunteers, many lakhs of voters too have voted them, hoping that AAP will be a little different from other political parties in India, which talk of “INCLUSIVENESS” keeping some section or other always UNTOUCHABLE. Shocking that AAP does not even think that they have been voted to work for the benefit of the country and that is possible only if they communicate with every Indian including congress, bjp, and people belonging to all parties. Talking to any does not mean they need to agree with, but talking help them and others to know why they agree or disagree.
    I think, in short time, with the attitude of AAP, as is visible now, the people may consider AAP to be just another party . I hope I am proved wrong in the interest of INdia.

  3. In a desperate attempt to amplify their image (more than what it is), they are resorting to blatant lies assuming people don’t use their brains following politics.

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