False prophets of secularism

I wish a very happy Christmas to all those who are celebrating it today.  I hail from a nation where 95% of its population are not Christians. But we exchange Christmas and Easter greetings more than the Christian majority nations do. Christian theology views Hindus as Idolaters, Polytheists and heathens – but that does not stop us from celebrating Christmas. I hope that the secularism of Hindus needs not much proof than this.

I take liberty to quote a verse from Bible   “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves Matthew 7:15.” . We are living in a country where there is a huge opportunity for prophets of secularism. Many does not realise that they are communal in secular attire. This post is an attempt to expose one such false prophet of secularism- the communists.

The following is a screenshot of Today’s (25-12-2013) communist mouthpiece in Kerala- named Deshabhimani ( meaning : patriot). You can see a colourful front page with a santa’s picture wishing its readers a “Happy Christmas”. Not only that, they have an article in their edit page too.


Not only Deshabhimani, every other newspapers in Kerala has wished its readers a Happy Christmas. Even the so called Hindu Nationalist BJP’s mouthpiece “Janmabhumi”  has.


Now, check the first page of leading news daily of Kerala “Mathrubhumi” on August 28th, 2013. You can see a Little Sreekrishna picture on the right side. August 28th was day when Kerala celebrated Sree Krishna Jayanthi- Janmashtami


Normal logic would imply that the mouthpiece of prophets of secularism should also wish their readers a happy Sree Krishna Jayanthi too. But check Deshabhimani newspaper of that day. There is no mention about that.



I know the above expose is too silly, but the debates on secularism in our country  are much sillier. Here wearing a skull cap makes you secular, and calling oneself a Hindu makes you non secular. Sharing dais with Muslim leaders accused of terrorism makes you secular, but talking about Hindus accused of terrorism languishing in jail makes you communal.  The communist meeting held last month asked its Hindu comrades not to do Ganapathy poojan- but the same party allowed the muslim comrades to do namaz at their meeting place. When such silly things happen in our political circles, you can excuse me of writing this silly post which expose their silliness.





2 thoughts on “False prophets of secularism

  1. Thank you nationalizer. Would that such self-destructive behavior on the part of communized ex-hindus were silly. In point of fact it is an extremely malicious and hostile enemy force that seeks to de-Hinduize, i.e. de-Indianize and efface India. That it has not succeeded is testimony to the innate power and dynamism of the Hindu tradition which even today is growing and blossoming, often it seems despite and not because of Hindus themselves.

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