Mr Modi, please March ahead ignoring the ugly noises

Narendra Modi after many years expressed his feelings about Gujarat riots of 2002 in his blog.  The blog came as reaction to the court verdict which upheld the SIT report which exonerated him. In his blog, Narendra Modi was seen quite defensive, but it is natural. He called the Gujarat riots of 2002 a mindless violence. You can read the full blog yourself on his website, but what touched me was this line “However, as if all the suffering was not enough, I was also accused of the death and misery of my own loved ones, my Gujarati brothers and sisters. Can you imagine the inner turmoil and shock of being blamed for the very events that have shattered you!

To those who feed their brains with the biscuits Indian media throws at them, it will not be surprising that they see this blog-post in connection with 2014 polls. But those who has not yet sold their brains to media propaganda, here are some facts which you can read here. In his interview to Prabhu Chawla, then in Aaj Tak, Narendra Modi said   The communal riots in Gujarat were unfortunate and we are sad they took place.” When asked about Muslims he said “ I don’t like to think of minority or majority communities. As far as Gujarat is concerned, its five crore population should unite to take the state forward. You should not categorise society into Hindus and Muslims but into the rich and poor in order to ascertain the level of development.”   Modi had also told Shekar Gupta, then in ndtv, during his walk the talk program, that loss of life during riots were unfortunate. 

 Rivals of Narendra Modi has come up with two theories about this blog post. One is that this blog post is not apologetic enough . Another theory is that this near apology is because he wants to somehow win 2014. It is not very surprising to see contradicting theories coming from people who are pathetically desperate to stop Narendra Modi somehow. It is true that blog by Narendra Modi is not apologetic, in fact it should not be. Narendra Modi has said umpteen times to various news channels that if he was found guilty for 2002, he should be hanged. Modi has offered himself to judicial system of this country. It is for Indian judiciary to see whether he is guilty. In fact, the SIT appointed by the apex court found that he is not. About the second theory, Narendra Modi knows better than his rivals that if he tried muslim appeasement, it will boomerang upon him. In fact he said nothing new, but the same things which he said since the days of those unfortunate riots. Rivals of Modi has a queer Idea about justice to 2002 riot victims. Narendra Modi was elected as Chief minister for the third time by the people which includes the people which his rivals claim to speak for. The Gujarat Chief Minister was found not guilty, by the SIT and it is very likely that the appellate courts will also accept this report. The way they speak against him, the way some leaders throw the filth of hatred against him, is very dangerous for a democracy like ours. Finally, I would like to suggest something to Gujarat Chief Minister and my choice as India’s next prime minister.

  • Never ever try to get more apologetic- we know that you had done the very best to stop riots at that time.
  • Please think of starting some legal cell, which will check filthy and wild imputations against you and your Government.
  • Do not speak what you did for Muslims and Hindus, we like the same old Narendra Modi who always spoke for Indians.
  • Continue your march ignoring the ugly noises that your rivals make.
  • We need you as Prime Minister. Please ensure us the you will indeed be.



One thought on “Mr Modi, please March ahead ignoring the ugly noises

  1. Hi Ashko,

    nice post 🙂 I m also in favour of NaMo but I m not sure why to rule out Arvind Kejriwal, I follow you on twitter and I feel you dont like AK much, are there any specific thing about AK you dont appreciate?

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