My open rebuttal to Mrs Batra

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Dear mother,

I addressed you as “mother” for two reasons- one because you are of my mother’s age, and secondly because you are mother of the brave heart who sacrificed his life for each among us. I read your open letter to Narendra Modi. And I am not here to defend him, as he is the best person to defend himself.

On the onset, let me put it straightly to you that this open letter blog is ill drafted. I am sure the party strategists drafted it for you, because I do not believe that you will start a letter with a blatant lie as  the opening sentence.  You wrote “In your campaigning, you have used the name and slogan- yeh dil maange more- of my Sher beta.  People call him the Sher Shah of Kargil.“. With all respects to your son and our hero Vikram Batra, I humbly inform you that the slogan which you claims to be that of Vikram Batra is not actually his. It was coined by Anuja Chauhan for Pepsi Co. in the year 1998.

If your open letter started with a lie, then what follows are pure political statements. “Mr Modi, if you really care for the army and respect martyrs, a soldier’s family for you should be like God. If I were in your place, I would have withdrawn the BJP candidate who is running against me”. You are absolutely right when you say that soldiers family for us(not just Modi) should be like God. But have you seen any God fighting elections? Do Gods join any political party ? No. It seems that you have seen your political rivals just like a soldier sees another soldier across the border as his enemy. The elections in India is not a war between rivals, it is a celebration of democracy. If you deserve to win, people will elect you despite BJP fielding its candidate. See the BJP candidate who is fighting election as one among you and not as one against you.

The full reading of your open letter can be summed up like this “Dont use my son’s name and slogan, I have the right to use it. If you want to use it, withdraw your candidate against me”. It seems that you are using your Son’s name for political bargain. As a citizen of this country, I request you not to do this and not to allow anyone to use you and your Son’s name like they did this time.

 I apologise if I have hurt you in this reply letter. I need your blessings too. Hope you will correct yourself and never be mislead by your party members.

Thank You


8 thoughts on “My open rebuttal to Mrs Batra

  1. Dear Mother (Mrs.Batra), I am a indebted Indian common citizen of PVC Capt. Vikram Batra,with all humility & respect to u, would hv forced BJP to w/d its candidate v/s U…if u wld hv not represented any political party & stood up as an independent candidate keen to serve the nation. Our hero-ur Son fought for every metre of INDIA’s pious land infiltrated by enemy soldiers & irony is that today the political party u represent #AAP hs venomous position on the same land. Irony & Shame. Ur as great as my Mother INDIA~ for whose pride ur son gv supreme sacrifice. Pls.refrain from allowing a few wolves in guise of revolutionaries to misuse our martyrs name ir family for their selfish political gains. _/\_

  2. Dear Mother,
    It pained to know that you are fighting election on the ticket of a party who has no respect for sacrifices made by martyrs like Vikram Batra.Have you seen the map of India they put on their website. In their Map the place where your son died belongs to Pakistan.As per your party your son was a missionary fighting on foreign land.Do you scribe to these bigotry views.Think again.If you have a scant respect for your son’s martyrdom you would quit such a party.It is never too late.Come back home.Donor side with traitors.Your son,our brother had done us proud.Donor blemish that great sacrifice

  3. Good letter, Nationalizer. Ironically it is Mrs. Batra who by writing this letter politicised the event. If she had been a normal person rather than an election candidate probably she would have made no such statement.

    Newshour had 3 ex-army officers on their debate and none of them seemed to have any problem with Modi’s statement. They did protest the general lack of respect given to the army (which I believe was caused by UPA gradually weakening them) and wanted Modi to erect a war memorial.

  4. It is YOU who ‘used’ son’s name to open political career ! What a shame.

    It is Modi and his party who are fighting crooks who make Adda in ‘Adarsh Society’ and kicked widows of Kargil martyrs out of it.

    If your son was alive, he would have loaded his gun for swines who urinated in Mother Ganga .. oh but he must return without fire seeing his mother is part of the gang.

    Salutes, Capt. Batra – you are our hero forever – whatever level your family goes does not change our respect

  5. If this has any grace left & really cares about the supreme sacrifice her made for motherland than she must immediately rssign from AAP AAP is party of traitors & anti nationals. Policies of AAP are anti thesis to what to life values captain Batra adored & sacrificed his life.

  6. Excellent rebuttal,why at first place she is contesting on AAP ticket who are ready to offer Kashmir in a silver plate to Pak

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