A Friday afternoon

One Friday afternoon, Exactly on 16-9-2011, one journalist Ravi Shankar Etteth tweeted, When we read his tweets, other than the word "F ckers" used, there is nothing absolutely Abusive, as far as viewing from Indian perspective. But two other journo, Infamous for her tapes in #Radiagate controversy, and famous Group editor of NDTV, and another … Continue reading A Friday afternoon


The Headline Twist !! HT (Reported the survey) : Indians want Rahul as PM: Survey LensOnViews (the website which carried out the survey) :  Rahul Gandhi preferred over Manmohan, Modi over Rahul. "However and Significantly" HT : The survey, however, said that between Rahul Gandhi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Narendra Modi, 53% opted … Continue reading INDIANS WANT NARENDRA MODI TO BE PM ?

NDTV cooks Tweets ?

A fishy tweeple (sfd1234) ' tweet against BabaRamdev gets retweted by NDTV journos. Thanks to sumeet who noticed this and alerted the fellow tweeples. Let us look into some of the characteristics of this fishy account, This seems like a fake account, exactly like Bdutt and co calls some right wing tweeters, no DP, no … Continue reading NDTV cooks Tweets ?

Starnews Neilson : Survey or Service ?

STAR news does a survey, Do not ask Why now, but they think it is the apt time,especially when he "discovers" the 72 feet ashes of "dead bodies", and gets "arrested". According to star news, In the survey of 8,778 people across 28 cities, the 42-year-old Gandhi scion garnered 19 percent of the votes, compared to … Continue reading Starnews Neilson : Survey or Service ?

Allah,God and Oaths

The “Muslim League” ,  "secular Ally" of CONGRESS in  Kerala, performed well in Muslim Majority district in the state. It is not just a district which happened to be muslim majority, but the district as a separate communal history to claim about its formation. 95  percent of the members in ML, and 19 out of … Continue reading Allah,God and Oaths

Nationalizer “Reminds” NIE about “NaMo”

   A report published by NIE on May 7th on Tharoor crossing 1 million followers, somehow missed the name of Narendra Modi who was only second to Tharoor in number of followers .New Indian Express forgot him and they wrote "Mrs Sushama Swaraj and Mr Omar Abdullah are the ONLY TWO POLITICIANS who have gained … Continue reading Nationalizer “Reminds” NIE about “NaMo”

An Indian Troll questions “Azad Kashmir”

Today Nidhi Razdan , NDTV anchor was my favourite target ! My reactions "Azad kashmir " Where is that place?Enlighten please @nidhi_razdan !! IS "Azad Kashmir" your family property, which you have sold to likes of geelani sahebs ? @nidhi_razdan Paki tweeples and Indian trolls, well spoken @nidhi_razdan , show your tweets to Rehman SAHEB, he will … Continue reading An Indian Troll questions “Azad Kashmir”

The Media and the Modi

The CON paid media is back on their favourite target again. The Narendra Modi is always a talking point for the main stream media. They highlight every single local election that Gujarat bjp loses and makes NaMo responsible for it, although they get rarely any chance. Every single statistics on Gujarat is hyped if it … Continue reading The Media and the Modi