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Swami Vivekananda’s legacy of Hindutva

The Hindu carried the Op-Ed Vivekananda’s legacy of Universalism about Swami Vivekananda on April 10,2013.  It was written by a former JNU Professor K. N. Panikkar. This is my honest and humble attempt to rebut the article rooted in lies by the “eminent” Historian.

About the author: K. N. Panikkar

Before reading an article one should know the author.  Especially when the author makes a political point as if he himself is apolitical. So I searched him in Google only to find this

K. N. Panikkar (born 1936) is an Indian historian, associated with the “Marxist school” of historiography.Panikkar was Professor of Modern Indian History at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Prior to joining JNU, he taught at University of Delhi. In 2001, he was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kerala.

 During his undergraduate student days, he worked as the Vice-President, Malabar District Committee of the Student Federation—student wing of the undivided Communist Party of India. He was also elected as the Chairman of Victoria College Students’ Union during the same period. The ideas and patronage which he received from his relative and a prominent Communist Party leader Shri.K.P.Madhava Menon played a key role in shaping young Panikkar’s ideas.

A UGC sub-committee, which studied the functioning of the country’s premier centre for Sanskrit studies, has recommended that only Sanskrit scholars be appointed as the vice-chancellor of the university.But Dr Panikkar told that the UGC sub-committee does not have any such authority. “Knowledge of Sanskrit is not essential to run a university

This leads to a few conclusions :

  • The author has a Marxian background, and is a Marxist himself.
  • A well known BJP-RSS (Sangh Parivar) hater
  • CPM government in Kerala made him Vice Chancellor of Sanskrit university even though he had no knowledge about Sanskrit.

Post Mortem of the Op-Ed.

Look at the way he exposes his own inherent hatred against Sangh Parivar in the opening para of his article.

A variety of activities is in the offing to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’s immense contribution to the making of India as a nation. The occasion: the 150th birth anniversary of Swamiji. Seminars, workshops, publications and such other means to perpetuate his memory and assess the significance of his contribution form part of the celebrations. Strangely, at the forefront of this celebration are the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its front organisations. Strange because Vivekananda hardly had anything in common with the sangh parivar, except being Hindu by birth.

Panikkar acknowledges that RSS and front organizations are the ones who celebrate the 150th Anniversary more than other organizations, but he finds some strangeness in it. He does not find it strange that the CPI(M) in Kerala who once used to ridicule Swamiji  is now busy including Swami Vivekananda ‘s photo in their posters along with Che Guvera and Saddam Hussain, but finds it strange that an organisation which is founded on teachings of Swami Vivekananda, whose most celebrated Sarsanghchalak was a product of Ramakrishna Mission himself, is celebrating Swamiji’s 150th birth anniversary in the most beautiful way.

He has a reason to find it strange, he says “Vivekananda hardly had anything in common with the sangh parivar, except being Hindu by birth”. Now what does he mean to say? That Swami Vivekananda was Hindu only by birth, and lesser Hindu at later part of his life? Swamiji’s Chicago speeches itself is a slap on face of such blatant liars.

  • I thank you in the name of the mother of religions; and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects
  • I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We believe not only in universal toleration, but we accept all religions as true. I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth.
  • He presented a paper on Hinduism in Chicago
  • It is not only that we must revive our own country — that is a small matter; I am an imaginative man — and my idea is the conquest of the whole world by the Hindu race.
  • We are Hindus. I do not use the word Hindu in any bad sense at all, nor do I agree with those that think there is any bad meaning in it. In old times, it simply meant people who lived on the other side of the Indus; today a good many among those who hate us may have put a bad interpretation upon it, but names are nothing. Upon us depends whether the name Hindu will stand for everything that is glorious, everything that is spiritual, or whether it will remain a name of opprobrium, one designating the downtrodden, the worthless, the heathen. If at present the word Hindu means anything bad, never mind; by our action let us be ready to show that this is the highest word that any language can invent. It has been one of the principles of my life not to be ashamed of my own ancestors. I am one of the proudest men ever born, but let me tell you frankly, it is not for myself, but on account of my ancestry. The more I have studied the past, the more I have looked back, more and more has this pride come to me, and it has given me the strength and courage of conviction, raised me up from the dust of the earth, and set me working out that great plan laid out by those great ancestors of ours. Children of those ancient Aryans, through the grace of the Lord may you have the same pride, may that faith in your ancestors come into your blood, may it become a part and parcel of your lives, may it work towards the salvation of the world.

He continues is his lies… In italics is his article and in brackets is my comment.

The ideology of the Sangh parivar is rooted in religious hatred  (Rooted in religious hatred? Can he quote one sentence from RSS Ideology which ridicules or shows in contempt any religious practice of other religions? He has not because he could not find one) and Swamiji stood for social harmony and inter-faith dialogue (Not only Swamiji, every Hindu stand for social Harmony and inter faith dialogue). There can be no meeting point between these two ( First call A a criminal without mentioning his crime , B a saint and say there is no meeting point between a thief and a saint). Yet, the Hindu fundamentalists trace their lineage to the neo-Hindu movement of which Vivekananda was the central figure.( What is this Neo Hindu movement ? ) None of his observations on Hinduism, unless taken out of context, seems to give credence to the proposition that he had a communal outlook.( This needs a detailed reply ) He was a devoted Hindu, passionately involved in bringing about cultural and spiritual welfare of the people. (True)

 The underlined headnotes are from his article, below are his comments…

None of Swami Vivekananda observations on Hinduism, unless taken out of context, seems to give credence to the proposition that he had a communal outlook

I will write down some quotes of Swami Vivekananda with context and ask Mr Panikkar to judge about the communalism in it and compare it with Ideology with Sangh Parivar (Mainly rooted in Bunch of Thoughts by Golwarkar).

  • “”The yogi says there is a great danger in stumbling upon this state. In a good many cases, there is the danger of the brain being deranged, and, as a rule, you will find that all those men, however great they were, who had stumbled upon this superconscious state without understanding it, groped in the dark, and generally had, along with their knowledge, some quaint superstition. They opened themselves to hallucinations. Mohammad claimed that the Angel Gabriel came to him in a cave one day and took him on the heavenly horse, Harak, and he visited the heavens. But with all that Mohammad spoke some wonderful truths. If you read the Koran, you find the most wonderful truths mixed with superstitions. How will you explain it? That man was inspired, no doubt, but that inspiration was, as it were, stumbled upon. He was not a trained yogi, and did not know the reason of what he was doing. Think of what the good Mohammad did to the world, and think of the great evil that has been done through his fanaticism! Think of the millions massacred through his teachings, mothers bereft of their children, children made orphans, whole countries destroyed, millions upon millions of people killed!… So we see this danger by studying the lives of great teachers like Mohammad and others. Yet we find, at the same time, that they were all inspired. Whenever a prophet got into the superconscious state by heightening his emotional nature, he brought away from it not only some truths, but some fanaticism also, some superstition which injured the world as much as the greatness of the teaching helped.”

I hope context of this is obvious. This is from the book written by Swami Vivekananda himself named “Raja Yoga”.  Imagine a VHP leader saying this today that “Muhammad was not a trained yogi, his teachings had fanaticism which injured the world as much as the greatness of teaching helped”, the same Panikkar would write another article in The Hindu condemning COMMUNAL speech of VHP leader. Panikkar had no problem when Swami said so, because he and his fringe party could not ignore the popularity Swami Vivekananda has, but has problems with VHP because they have virtually no presence in communist ruled states, or at places where still some communists live.

Let us jump to another quote of Swami Vivekananda

  • “”Therefore we at once see why there has been so much narrow-mindedness, the part always claiming to be the whole; the little, finite unit always laying claim to the infinite. Think of little sects, born within a few hundred years out of fallible human brains, making this arrogant claim of knowledge of the whole of God’s infinite truth! Think of the arrogance of it! If it shows anything, it is this, how vain human beings are. And it is no wonder that such claims have always failed, and, by the mercy of the Lord, are always destined to fail. In this line the Mohammedans were the best off; every step forward was made with the sword — the Koran in the one hand and the sword in the other: Take the Koran, or you must die; there is no alternative! You know from history how phenomenal was their success; for six hundred years nothing could resist them, and then there came a time when they had to cry halt. So, will it be with other religions if they follow the same methods.” (II. 369-70).

Here again if Arun Shourie and Sita Ram Goel writes about Violent Islamic History, Panikkar would call them Communal. But Swami Vivekananda said the same and the context is obvious.

  • Mark me, then and then alone you are a Hindu when the very name sends through you a galvanic shock of strength. Then and then alone you are a Hindu when every man who bears the name, from any country, speaking our language or any other language, becomes at once the nearest and the dearest to you. Then and then alone you are a Hindu when the distress of anyone bearing that name comes to your heart and makes you feel as if your own son were in distress…. You may see thousands of defects in your countrymen, but mark their Hindu blood. They are the first Gods you will have to worship even if they do everything to hurt you, even if everyone of them send out a curse to you, you send out to them words of love. If they drive you out, retire to die in silence like that mighty lion, Govind Singh. Such a man is worthy of the name of Hindu; such an ideal ought to be before us always. All our hatchets let us bury; send out this grand current of love all round.( Volume 3 )

“Garv se kaho Hum Hindu hain ?” is a Communal slogan. Isn’t it Panikkar ? Hindu organisations use the slogan frequently. I hope it ceases to be communal now as Swami himself claimed to be and exhorted other Hindus to be proud of themselves.

  • “I want to see you, Swami”, I began, “on this matter of receiving back into Hinduism those who have been perverted from it. Is it your opinion that they should be received?” “Certainly,” said the Swami, “they can and ought to be taken.” He sat gravely for a moment, thinking, and then resumed. “Besides,” he said, “we shall otherwise decrease in numbers. When the Mohammedans first came, we are said — I think on the authority of Ferishta, the oldest Mohammedan historian — to have been six hundred millions of Hindus. Now we are about two hundred millions. And then every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less, but an enemy the more. “Again, the vast majority of Hindu perverts to Islam and Christianity are perverts by the sword, or the descendants of these. It would be obviously unfair to subject these to disabilities of any kind. As to the case of born aliens, did you say? Why, born aliens have been converted in the past by crowds, and the process is still going on.  (volume 5 read more)

Swami Vivekananda encouraged reconversion, He even called Hindu converting to Abrahamic religion enemies.  What does Panikkar feel now ?


The ideology of the Sangh parivar is rooted in religious hatred 

A is a criminal, but I have no idea about his crime, Panikkar’s hatred towards Sangh Parivar revolves around this logic . Every political party and religious organisations have shed blood in India, be it Congress, or BJP or the communists. As far as the ideology of Sangh Parivar is concerned, which Mr Panikkar says is rooted in religious hatred, I would like to quote Guruji Golwarkar on it.

  • ‘Nation’ is a whole and living entity. It has ever so many functions, one of which is the statecraft. And ‘secularism’ is only one of the qualities of that statecraft. Thus equating ‘secularism’ with ‘nationalism’ would be like identifying one of the functions of a limb of a body with the body itself, and exhibits a sad lack of understanding of the basic distinction between ‘Nation’ and ‘State’. Again, if ‘secularism’ is to mean only the mundane things of life and something divorced from the higher and nobler attributes of the spirit, as it is sometimes made out to be, then we will not touch it even with a barge-pole. If, however, ‘secularism’ is to mean, as it ought to, not anti-religion but scope and opportunity for every religious persuasion to grow, and restraining of one religion from pouncing upon another, then that is undoubtedly in tune with the spirit of Hindu Rashtra. Then, the apt word for such a state would be ‘multireligious’ and not ‘secular’. In this country, the ‘state’ was never tagged on to any particular faith.

  • As such, the so-called minorities living here have nothing to lose but everything to gain by the rejuvenation of Hindu Rashtra. It is the Hindu thought alone which, in this wide world, has recognised the immanence of one Supreme Power in the entire humanity and has respected and even protected and encouraged all types of cults and creeds to grow and blossom to their fulfillment. All these factors point to the fact that it is only a strong and resurgent Hindu Rashtra that can stand guarantee to the free and prosperous life of the so-called minorities here sharing equal opportunities as the proud children of the motherland.

  • It would be useful for the Muslims here to emulate the example of their co- religionists in countries like Iran, Turkey etc. When Islam spread from Arabia to those neighbouring countries, the local people there adopted the Islamic creed but retained their culture and language and way of life. In Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country, the children begin their learning with lessons about Rama and Sita. It is only here that the local Muslims disowned their ancestors, their languages, customs and all such elements of national heritage. And it is this oblivion of their ancestry that has led to the partition of the country.



Vivekananda’s plan of action was not limited to the religious realm. He was equally sensitive to social and economic issues. In other words, Hindus should strive towards a total transformation and inclusive growth

Panikkar is ignorant about the social service activities by Sangh Parivar or he deliberately want to stay deaf to unpleasant information. Listing a few of successful social service campaigns by Sangh Parivar.

  • The Seva Bharati is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in India. It works especially among the economically weaker sections and the tribal and indigenous communities in India. It runs thousands of service projects across India in the field of education, health care, rural development and rehabilitation of differently abled and special needs children.The massive relief work carried out by Seva Bharati following the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the 2008 Bihar flood and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami came in for considerable appreciation from various quarters. The organisation is also known for its efforts in rehabilitating the victims of terror, especially the children who are rendered orphans by terror attacks.
  • The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation (literally Foundation of Solo Schools) is a non-profit organisation involved in education and village development in rural areas and tribal villages of India.[1][2] It is the largest grassroots, non-government education initiative in India with presence in over 37,000 villages providing free education to more than one million children


But if he (Swami Vivekananda) were to be back in contemporary India, it is most unlikely that it would be in the communal camp.

There is none in contemporary India who is parallel to Swami Vivekananda, If he were to be back here, he is most likely that he will be in so called Communal camp to teach them something which Panikkar calls Communal. There are hundreds of quotes of Swami Vivekananda which is perceived as “communal” by so called secularists. A man who stood for the Hindu community in a global stage would be happy to be called communal, in the right sense of that word.  A communal Hindu is not like an extremist who believes in Totalitarian ideologies like Communism, Islam and Christianity. He does not spew hate; he exposes the hate spewing Ideologies like the trio mentioned above.  He does not hate people, but he will teach people that all religions have some truth in it.  If Swami Vivekananda lived today, he would have added Communism to his famous statement and said “ A Hindu turning to communism is not only a Hindu less, but an enemy more.”

Akhand Bharat

Akhand Bharat

This was the day when Akhand Bharat got partitioned to Bharat and Pakistan ;  A democratic state and a theocratic state. Many nationalist Organisations observe this day as Akhand Bharat Smrithi Divas.

Some people have huge problems with the word “Bharat”, not to mention their issues with the concept of Akhand Bharat.  They say this is India, and we should use the word India more often as it is modern, and official. They ask us why we prefer Bharat over India.  All we want to say is that our constitution, Article 1 says, India that is Bharat. Both the term India and Bharat is the name of our nation, officially. And if we study the constituent assembly debates we can see that some of the members who participated in the debate also preferred Bharat over India, since Bharat is the name of this nation since time Immemorial.  The use of name Bharat comes in various scriptures like Mahabharat, Srimad Bhagawath,Vishnupuran etc etc. So constitutionally speaking the word Bharat, is the original name of our nation which Britishers’ called India.

From constituent assembly debates,  some honorable members  like Sri H.V.Kammath, Sri  Harigovind Pant ,Sri Kamalapathy Tripathy and others preferred the usage of the word Bharat over India.  Shri H.V Kammath moved the amendment that the Bharat should be preferred over India. Shri HariGovind Pant said “Bharat’ or ‘Bharat Varsha’ is and has been the name of our country for ages according to our ancient history and tradition and in fact this word inspires enthusiasm and courage in its; I would, therefore, submit that we should have no hesitation at all in accepting this word. It will be a matter of great shame for us if we do not accept this word and have some other word for the name of our country”.     He further exclaimed “I fail to understand, in view of all this, why we are reluctant to accept, from the core of our heart the word ‘Bharat Varsha’ as the name of our country.  Sri Kamalapathy Tripathy said “By the inclusion of the word ‘Bharat’ and by accepting it, we shall be able to give to this country a form and to give back to it its lost soul and we shall be able to protect it also. Bharat will be a great nation and will be able to serve humanity on a world wide scale.” These sane voices however were never heard.

When we clear their doubts about Bharat, they ask you another Question. Why Akhand Bharat, was not Bharat a collection of many princely state. What is the use of still speaking about Partition and all, since the Pakistan is already born? It is right that when we talk about the history of last thousand years, Bharat was a collection of number of princely states. But it is undeniable fact that although the rulers of each part of this nation were different, people of this country regarded this nation as their own, as their motherland and sacred land.  Pakistan was created by dividing Bharat. Today Pakistan turns 65 and some say our nation also turns 65 tomorrow.  But we must be intelligent enough to accept the simple fact that the Bharat, that is to say India, was never born, nor it will die, it existed from time immemorial. Like in Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna talks about the soul,” अजो नित्यः शाश्वतोऽयं पुराणो”, “the soul was never born, it always existed, ever existing, and it existed from time immemorial”. In our National song, Vande Mataram, Rishi Bankim Chandra says “त्वं हि प्राणः शरीरे “. This nation is our soul, which our sacred texts call it as Maatrabhoo, Pitrabhoo and Punyabhoo. You cannot simply determine its age.

It must be noted that the limbs can not exist without the main body. See the situation in places which was once part of the Akhand Bharat, in Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other places. The Islamic infilteration ensured, that the demography of that places are reversed. Now we can hardly find Hindus in those places. But what they achieved by changing demography ? Now one muslim sect kill another sect in those places. Finally the countries which were born with hate, their inherent hate against the open minded, universal philosophy founded in Bharat, will die and is dying with hate only. The Bharat shall certainly unite and rise to its past glory. We shall have open minded, all accepting , peaceful people once again from Aryadesh to Simhapura.  Akhand Bharat Amar Rahe.

It is also noteworthy that our National Anthem also recogonise the concept of Akhand Bharat. It includes the regions like “Punjab, Sindh, Bengal, Himalaya”, which is partially or entirely outside the present political map of our country. The reason why we remember this day as Akhand Bharat Smrithi Divas, I hope is now clear to readers. We should learn many things from past, future is only a reflection of past, it depends on the quality of the mirror called Present. The glorious past of our nation shall be, with our present constant and determined efforts, can become the glorious future too.  ॐ सहनाववतु सहनौभुनक्तु । सहवीर्यं करवावहै । तेजस्विनावधीतमस्तु । मा विद्विशावहै ॥ ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः





Hindu Nation-our right.

India is a secular country with about 80 percent of its population calling itself Hindu. Hindu-ism is recognized as the world’s third largest religion, First being christinaity and second being Islam. Although Hindu-ism is looked as upon as a religion, it can only be defined as   “A group of faiths rooted in the religious ideas of India.” About 15 percent of the people in the world are Hindus, and about that much people call themselves secular/non-religious/atheists too.

The first and second largest religions, viz Christianity and Islam is recogonised as the state religion in many countries of the world. For example, Vatican is a Christian state where no other religion exists and England is a secular state which has given official status to the angelical church. Almost all the countries which have more than Sixty percent population as muslims are theocratic non secular states. For example, Saudi Arabia is a sunni Islamic nation, while Iran is a shia Islamic nation. There are a good number of states for those who believe in no religion(secularism). There are a few communist and Buddhist countries also. But why there is no country which recognize Hindu-ism since 2006, when Nepal too was declared a secular state? Why should not Hindus have their own country, which protects them, which help them to compete with the powerful religions of the world?

India is a secular nation, and the word “secularism” was introduced into the constitution during 1976 when Smt Indira Gandhi was the prime minister. What was it before ? What was the need for stressing that we are “secular” and not a Hindu nation, as it is perceived internationally because of obvious cultural identity of ours? India, the land of Hindus have never closed the doors to any religious preacher at any point of time in the history. We have always welcomed jews, parsis , Christians and muslims. While jews and parsis lived happily with Hindus, Christianity and Islam had frequent issues with Hindus. The Islam and Christianity ruled the Hindu majority country for about 1000 years, First came Islam through Babar, then through British, Christianity. Still Islam and Christianity is minority religions in India. But they enjoy special rights in the name of “minority”. How come the religions which formed the ruling class of India for centuries be assumed as vulnerable to majority attacks on their faith? Secularism in India is defined as “sarva dharma samabhava”, but we have reservations and scholarships exclusively given to minorities. Since when secularism meant “giving special status to minorities”?

The secularism in India, in reality, is based on the assumption that the majority will impose their religion on the minorities and so the state must give special attention to minorities in this regard. But in a globalized world who is majority and minority?  Christianity and Islam together has  about more than fifty percent of people in the world. That means Hindus who are majority in India are a minority locally which is vulnerable, and victim of global majority, ie Christians and muslims. That further implies Hindus whose numbers are declining each day, should have one nation-state which they can trust. That further demands we need a Hindu nation.

What does Hindu nation mean? Is it something like Islamic countries, where the practice of other faith will lead you to dungeons? Or is it like England which recognize a angelical church? What will happen to non-Hindus of India ? What will happen to Muslims(India is second largest Muslim populated country  after Indonesia)?These are the questions which certainly demand answers.

The Rashtreeya SwayamSevak Sangh (RSS) is often accused by the Secularists as an organization which want to convert India into a HinduRashtra,a Hindu nation. They assume that in such a Hindu Rashtra minorities will be deported or persecuted; India will be like another theocratic state etc. But does RSS really want to make India a Hindu nation. The fact is RSS considers India as a Hindu nation, and it is quite clear from their prarthanas they sing in their daily Shakas. So India need not be like Islamic countries, nor like England, nor it need to send away the minorities, we only want India to recogonise itself as a Hindu nation, officially.  We Hindus have the right to demand a Home and we need it soon. We cannot live like beggars in footpaths of secularism. We have the right to live and livelihood, and we need a government which will ensure that we are not killed by dacoits of other religions.


“Mr Agnivesh was almost like a MOLE”  said KiranBedi in a tv interview. Many would be surprised and some would be shocked , but those on Internet and social networking sites are not. Almost all who have used twitter for last three months know about Agnivesh, his pro Maoist stand, anti-nationalism and his anti-Hindu attitude. The unfortunate guys realize things very late, indeed it is better to be late than never, but it is also better to know things early than late. This is only a recent example to show how internet and social networking sites helps us to know truth, and hence help us to fight evil.

If you do a poll on NarendraModi vs any PM candidate of any party, in internet, take it from me that modi will win hands down. It is only because, most of the internet users in India and abroad know the truth about Narendra Modi. They know what happened in 2002 and what is happening now .Truth can be twisted, suppressed , but it does come out from internet now a days. These are the two examples which I would like to share with you, there are many other examples. Do you know about Barkha Dutt, ndtv group editor famous quote “Tell me what I should tell them”, do you know about Sonia Gandhi past and present , and many other facts which your newspaper and news channels deliberately hide from you. If you do not, please join us, if you have internet access, and enough time to dedicate for it.

I joined Twitter and Facebook, about one and half years ago, I know many friends of mine who use it for just having fun, some do flirt, and some wants to be in touch with friends. I am not at all against internet being used for these purposes, but as responsible citizens of this country we have the right to enlighten our fellow citizens, on how the truth is being twisted and suppressed by the media which they trust. The twitter and facebook helps this purpose.I would like to share, a small incident, that happened in twitter, last September, a few days before RamJanmabhoomi judgement was pronounced, one senior Journalist, of CNNIBN , Sagarika Ghose, tweeted that ” whether Ram is a divine encroacher”. The outrage on twitter was so high that she had to delete the tweet, and ever since anyone who criticized her was called an “Internet Hindu ” and she alleged that all of us are being controlled from Nagpur, and are part of right wing extremist group, namely RSS.

Here is my point comes, I know RSS and the way it functions, many swayamsevaks work in real world, but still a senior journalist allege that RSS is controlling the tweeters and systematically attacking the liberals. But the facts remain RSS is yet to do lot on the media and internet. RSS do not publicize themselves, but there is nothing private about it. All it does is seen by the public, and their perception about RSS, is left to themselves. During the times of Guruji and Drji there were no media, not even television and only a few read newspapers. So even if they did not care about starting a media wing of RSS, the present generation of RSS leaders need to ensure, that they are having good communication with the masses.

Todays media, be it English or Hindi or even local channels, are funded by missionaries, and political parties. The news which come from these channels will always be anti Hindutva or they always attempt to show RSS in poor light. So it is very important that Sangh Pariwar should launch a national news channel, which will act as an alternative to these paid news channels. Delaying it will only help the rivals of RSS. But still some in SanghPariwar cannot digest this, for them there is a story from Ramayana.

 In the war between Rama and Ravana, Agasthya was among the many sages who assembled to watch the mightly battle. Ravana, too, was a great warrior. Shri Ramachndra was worried. He did not know how to kill Ravana. Then Agasthya came forward and taught him the most sacred mantra known as the ‘Adithya Hridaya’. It was addressed to the Sun God. By chanting it three times Rama got the strength to kill Ravana. Then peace and happiness reigned on earth.

In this age of information technology, the manthra to defeat the pseudo secular propaganda against RSS is media and internet. Also listen to chanakya, “krithe prathikritham Kuryad”. For every biased news , we should show our side of news, “tatra dosho na patathi”, no sin in doing so, “Dushte Dushtam Samachareth.”

VandeMataram and Islam


This is not for the first time that the national song of ours is becoming a headache to seculars, and thanks to Anna , he never compromised it with a fringe extremist fundamentalist group of muslims. Deoband had already issued a Fatwa against Muslims singing Vandemataram,and yet secular nationalists claim many muslims have no problems with it. But is that true? Does Islam allow muslims to sing it ?

Many muslims who claim they have no problem with VandeMataram justify their singing it by twisting the meaning of the word “Vande”. They say “Vande” means “salute”. It is for the same purpose AR Rahman composed “Ma Tujhe Salam”. But “Vande” doesnot mean “salute”, it means “bow” or “worship”, and since Bankim Chandra Chaterjee compared the motherland as Ma Durga, he meant to worship the motherland as we worship the God. So here is where the first Islamic allergy to VandeMataram comes.

The main issue is with the word “Mataram”,which is feminine, so in Quran (4/117 ) They call upon instead of Him none but female [deities], and they [actually] call upon none but a rebellious Satan. The refuge of those will be Hell, and they will not find from it an escape.” . So in Islam, it is a sin to worship god in a feminine form. Then how do you expect them to worship a Satan, mother India ? There is also an other issue, Islamic belief unlike Hindu, is that God alone is fit to be worshipped, not his creations,while Hindu Shasthra say that “Ishavasyamidam sarvam”. God is everywhere and in everything. The Hindu concept of God is not an egoist jealous God like that in semitic religions.

So we cannot for ever make a religious muslim (almost all of them are, because a Muslim cannot think beyond his religion, unlike Hindus, if they don’t ,they cease to be Muslims) pro VandeMataram. That is our national song, which has equal status with our national anthem. Any insult to national song, is as severe as we insult a national anthem / flag. So what is the way out ? REFUSAL to sing the song is also an Insult, and if so why not the likes of BHUKARI who has reasonable command on muslim community still at large. Why there is no case against Islamic seminaries and Deoband for insulting the national song ?

The fact of the matter is the EXTREMISM among muslims has it roots in the ideology of Islam, we cannot blame Mullahs, they do quote only from their HolyBooks. So let us think about Blaming the Book of “peace” which teach, a female God worship is a Satan worship. Shall we ?

Swamy called a spade a spade

The article penned by Dr.Subrahmaniam Swamy which was published by DNA on July 16 got the publicity it deserves, thanks to secular left wing friends in Harvard and all over the world. In the article Swamy raised many important points in combating terror. There were people who respected his right to opinion, while they humbly disagreed with some or many of his ideas. Here we are, who also belong to the so called “Youngistan”, humbly AGREE to each word that Swamy wrote in the article! This post is an attempt to counter the allegations made by the left wing student orgs against Dr. Swamy.

Some of the points in the article that triggered the flow of blood to the left wing brains are:

  • “Declare India a Hindu Rashtra in which non-Hindus can vote only if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus”
  • “Remove the masjid in Kashi Vishwanath temple and the 300 masjids at other temple sites”
  • “enact a national law prohibiting conversion from Hinduism to any other religion”
  • “Propagate the development of a Hindu mindset.”
  • “Muslims of India, are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus.”
  1. First of all, let us be clear about how Swamy defines a Hindu:India that is Bharat that is Hindustan is a nation of Hindus and others whose ancestors were Hindu.
    If any Muslim acknowledges his or her Hindu legacy, then we Hindus can accept him or her as a part of the Brihad Hindu Samaj (greater Hindu society)”
    . Swamy defines HINDU in a larger context, being a Hindu is not like being a Muslim or a Christian, but like the English, The Americans, and the Chinese. Hindutva does not treat Hindu –as an “ism”, but as a nationality ! So any one regardless of his faith and mode of worship can be a Hindu, and the nation of Hindus will be called Hindustan or HinduRashtra in Sanskrit. Before the Islamists and the missionaries came to Bharath India was a land of Hindus, still remain so, although we reduced to less than 80percent. So every Muslim, Christian, Jew of India has a Hindu ancestry. And if they deny the Hindu ancestry, it is like claiming themselves outsiders. So The first point Swamy made is not something outrageous, but it is a fact that those who cannot identify their roots with this country do not have the right to indulge in the politics of this nation.
  2. Kashi Vishwanath temple, Ayodhya Ram Mandir, and Mathura Shri Krishna temple are few of many temples which was demolished(some partially) by Islamists during their reign. The “Great” Akbar had also demolished many temples although the students of India have been taught only his fictional greatness. Every nation when it gets Freedom removes the symbols of the colonial past and reconstruct the places which was demolished by the oppressors. The temple in Somnath is an example; where in India under the leadership of Sardar Patel replaced the mosque with the temple. The case of Ayodhya is still pending in Supreme Court, and it is important to note the last year judgment by the High court which endorsed the nationalist view point. The article in crimson however says Swamy recommended demolishing hundreds of mosques” clearly misleading. Swamy used the word “Remove” not “Demolish” which has different meanings. (Karsevaks Demolished Babri Masjid, Sardar Patel Remove the masjid of Somnath and built temple).
  3. Dr Swamy is not the first person who asked for the ban on Conversions, let me remind those secular jokers, that there is one man who is called the Father of the nation, MAHATMA GANDHI who advocated the same. He had said If I had power and could legislate, the first thing I would ban is conversions“. So the likes of Pinto (who leads the petition tamasha at Harvard) who says “”Not allowing Hindus to convert to any other religionit’s honestly kind of absurd” may very well call our father of nation also absurd ! Gandhi also has explained why it is necessary to ban the conversions from his personal experience. He writes in his auto bio..  Only Christianity was at that time an exception. I developed a sort of dislike for it. And for a reason. In those days Christian missionaries used to stand in a corner near the high school and hold forth, pouring abuse on Hindus and their gods. I could not endure this. I must have stood there to hear them once only, but that was enough to dissuade me from repeating the experiment. About the same time, I heard of a well-known Hindu having been converted to Christianity. It was the talk of the town that, when he was baptized, he had to eat beef and drink liquor, that he also had to change his clothes, and that thenceforth he began to go about in European costume including a hat. These things got on my nerves. Surely, thought I, a religion that compelled one to eat beef, drink liquor, and change one’s own clothes did not deserve the name. I also heard that the new convert had already begun abusing the religion of his ancestors, their customs and their country. All these things created in me a dislike for Christianity.”
  4. Islamists have the right to kill kafirs, the missionaries can convert, But a Hindu should not propagate a Hindu mindset in a country where they are an overwhelming majority; this seems to be the secular logic.
  5. Many of the convicted terrorists in India are Muslims, many Muslims undergo training in Pakistan and Kashmiri camps to act against nations, is it not enough proof to say that
    Muslims of India, are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus. ( Eg: chargesheet-terror-trail-kannur).Instead of preventing the whole muslim community to be programmed by the jihadists cross the border, the seculars are turning a blind eye and thus encouraging the programmers. The petition reads “Swamy’s comments cast doubt on his ability to treat a diverse community of students with fairness and respect.” , the petitioner must know that Swamy ‘son in law is a Muslim !

So to conclude with we cannot understand what is so much outrageous in Swamy article other than his calling a spade a spade.


The “failed“ Hindu Defense

The Hindus/Indians were always on the defensive since the advent of Christianity and Islam to India. If we were not so open minded and “secular” we would not have allowed these ideologies to pollute the hearts of our people. Yeah I mean it, when I say Islam and Christianity POLLUTES the very heart of common people. As Swami Vivekananda said” every man getting out of the Hindu pale is not
only a man less, but an enemy the more.”
So many national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Ambedkar and great poets like Bharatiar and Chattambi Swamikal have raised their voice against conversion. The way Gandhiji had dared to criticise Christianity, even the most extremist of Hindus will not dare to follow it today.

The point today is that Hindus were always on the defensive, it was like sea coming to rivers to carry water from them. The historical blunders we have commited in accepting the foolish logic of these religions. We failed on many fronts , philosophically, culturally, politically, because we were on the defensive, and they never ceased to be offensive on us.

Our Philosophical defense

The islam and christianity are the religions who belive in One God, One Book . For islam it is Koran, and for christianity it is Bible. The Hindus have many Gods, Vishnu,Shiva, SriKrishna, Sri Rama, and countless. When the islam and christianity said it is foolish to believe in “many Gods” , we commited a huge blunder by subscribing to their version of Only GoD. “Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti” of the hindu upanishads and the “only God” concept of semitic religions is not even comparable. The upanishads talks about “truth”, and says there are many ways to reach it, and the semitic religions talk about a God, his commands,his dictatorship.

The Hindu version of “truth” is moksha, the kshaya of moha, The independence from “life-death” cycle. And many ways talked about are saguna aradhana, nirguna aradhana, Nama sankeertana, yoga, Tapah, and even nastika vada. The philosophy for hindus does not depend on numbers,say, “ishavasyam idam sarvam” , everything, animate and inanimate here is ishwara, he is infinite to the human senses, he is formless at the same time he appears in different forms. So the digit ONE should not and can not represent the GoD,ishwara. Let us from now onwards do not fall to the evangelists and islamists trap of ONEness, they are talking about a closed minded philosophy, or even worse it is a political agenda.

How to deal with Evangelists ?

If ever you smell a trap , try these and this might help. The conversionalists always start with these questions, ” How Many gods Do you have ?”, for gods sake do not give philosophical answer to foolish questions, tell him ” I am a Hindu, and I worship God in many forms”. The next question will be that of “idol worship” an he will ask “why indians are so blind that they worship idols, stones”. , admit that you go to “temples” and ask whether “do you mind us going to temples”. Now he will say “sooner or later we will realise the “truth””. Now the ball is in your court , fire him with these questions, ” is it logical to believe the “truth” which says Jesus was born to a virgin and she remained virgin for her life time”, ” is it true that the jesus who died on the cross, and the same cross you worship as sacred ?”, now he will be on the defensive, he will start explaining and quoting biblical answers. Now switch to ten commandments, it says “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me” , ask him is your God “jealous” , that if you fail to please him he will punish you ? .”You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything ” . so what about cross,jesus statues, churches and all ? “ For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but rested the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and consecrated it.” IS it true that at the first place that god neded rest, and he took six days to create the universe? By now either he will run away, or abuse the hindu faiths. Tell him hindus consider nothing as absolute like their religion, also every text is free to be interpretted in anyway we want. We do not propogate “false” things as “truth”.

Our cultural defence

Thanks to the semitic interference, we have given up so many customs and traditions which is now proved by the modern science, as the scientific way of living a healthy and happy life. Many westerners are looking forward to learn these things from us. Be it Samskrit, be it about lighting lamps, and writing Kolams, and our festive spirit, there was a lot of science that our ancestors practiced without preaching. The beauty of science lies not in talking about, but following it in our life. When galileo was insulted by the catholic church for exposing one “truth” about bible, here even the athiests were given the status of sage. Many of our puranas talk about astronomy, much more beautiful than the modern science. So the influence of christianity on the defensive “us” , eventually led us to be as “unscientific” as they were and are.

Our Political defence

When it comes to politics, we are getting more and more defensive day by day. Talking about my constituency, it is getting more and more “minority” in terms of the candidates. Except the BJP, none of the candidates who I have seen in the wall posts, carry a Hindu name. I have seen through atleast 3 elections, but the number of candidates who bears a hindu name is decreasing gradually, not only in my constituency but in every constituencies. The church announces their support and they win, in muslim dominated areas the mullahs announce support and their candidates win. We still talk about failed secularism and remain neutral.

So our history and the present says we are “defensive” creatures, but the next generation should study a different History, I wish they may. This age belongs to Bharath and if sanathana dharma do not come back to its full glory, the dream of our ancestors will remain a dream..Arise awake and stop not until the goal is reached.


Comment below your criticism/thoughts….