Swami Vivekananda’s legacy of Hindutva

The Hindu carried the Op-Ed Vivekananda's legacy of Universalism about Swami Vivekananda on April 10,2013.  It was written by a former JNU Professor K. N. Panikkar. This is my honest and humble attempt to rebut the article rooted in lies by the "eminent" Historian. About the author: K. N. Panikkar Before reading an article one should know … Continue reading Swami Vivekananda’s legacy of Hindutva

Akhand Bharat

Akhand Bharat This was the day when Akhand Bharat got partitioned to Bharat and Pakistan ;  A democratic state and a theocratic state. Many nationalist Organisations observe this day as Akhand Bharat Smrithi Divas. Some people have huge problems with the word “Bharat”, not to mention their issues with the concept of Akhand Bharat.  They … Continue reading Akhand Bharat

Hindu Nation-our right.

India is a secular country with about 80 percent of its population calling itself Hindu. Hindu-ism is recognized as the world’s third largest religion, First being christinaity and second being Islam. Although Hindu-ism is looked as upon as a religion, it can only be defined as   “A group of faiths rooted in the religious ideas … Continue reading Hindu Nation-our right.


"Mr Agnivesh was almost like a MOLE"  said KiranBedi in a tv interview. Many would be surprised and some would be shocked , but those on Internet and social networking sites are not. Almost all who have used twitter for last three months know about Agnivesh, his pro Maoist stand, anti-nationalism and his anti-Hindu attitude. … Continue reading SANGH,MEDIA and INTERNET

VandeMataram and Islam

  This is not for the first time that the national song of ours is becoming a headache to seculars, and thanks to Anna , he never compromised it with a fringe extremist fundamentalist group of muslims. Deoband had already issued a Fatwa against Muslims singing Vandemataram,and yet secular nationalists claim many muslims have no … Continue reading VandeMataram and Islam

Swamy called a spade a spade

The article penned by Dr.Subrahmaniam Swamy which was published by DNA on July 16 got the publicity it deserves, thanks to secular left wing friends in Harvard and all over the world. In the article Swamy raised many important points in combating terror. There were people who respected his right to opinion, while they humbly … Continue reading Swamy called a spade a spade

The “failed“ Hindu Defense

The Hindus/Indians were always on the defensive since the advent of Christianity and Islam to India. If we were not so open minded and "secular" we would not have allowed these ideologies to pollute the hearts of our people. Yeah I mean it, when I say Islam and Christianity POLLUTES the very heart of common … Continue reading The “failed“ Hindu Defense